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Malai Malai

Malai Malai
Arun Vijay, Prakash Raj, Prabhu, Vedika
Mani Sharma
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Arun Vijay has everything that a Kollywood star requires- good looks, has the necessary stuff in him to be an action hero with screen presence and the pedigree, but lady luck has been eluding him at the box-office!

Now he is trying to reinvent himself in Malai Malai, a typical mass masala movie with all essential ingredients, and directed by A.Venkatesh a mass commercial director. Arun Vijay is very clear that he is targeting the B & C and not the class audiences, and the film makes no bones about it.

Venkatesh and Arun have an agenda to make the film a hit, so they have simply played to the galleries and cares a hoot for logic or sense. The story and characterization is clichéd and etched from some recent films like Tirupachi, Thoranai and many others.

Palani Vel (Prabhu) and Vetri Vel (Arun Vijay) are two brothers who eke out a living as a farmer and a mini van driver respectively in a village on the foothills of Palani temple. They are inseparable and they fight, sing and booze together and when Vetri falls in love with a city based RJ Anjali (Vedika) who is on a visit to Palani, he finds another girl Lakshmi (Kasturi) to romance his brother.

Meanwhile the village simpleton Vetri goes to Chennai in search of a job and in search of his lady love. He gets a job as a driver in a courier company which also employs people like Vimala Hassan (Santhanam) a crazy fan of Kamal Hassan. Enter the villain Essakki (Prakash Raj) a dreaded don who controls Saidapet area of the city, and soon locks horns with Vetri. The rest of the story moves along predictable lines before the steamy sentimental action packed climax.

In the fight scenes Arun Vijay literally flies around and hops from building to building like Spiderman and also does the traditional MGR style stick fight! Arun Vijay is earnest in his attempt, while Prabhu should reduce if he has to look convincing. Prakash Raj sleep walks through the role. Vedika is pure eye candy, Santhanam, Ganjakaruppu, Arathy provide the comic stuff. Mani Sharma’s music suits the plot.

Verdict- Mass Masala


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