Malashri back with 'Gharshane'

Last Updated: Fri, Jul 26, 2013 04:20 hrs

Action queen Malashri, who commenced 2013 with a hit movie Election, is currently busy shooting for her next project titled Gharshane. The movie is being directed by Dayal Padmanabhan while Shankar Gowda and Shankar Reddy are producing it under the banner of Shankar Productions.

Recently, the unit wrapped up shooting for a special dance for the song ‘Ringaagide Ringaagide Phone’ at a specially erected set at the Mysore Lamps factory in Bangalore. The song was choreographed by Tribhuvan while emerging actor Tarun Chandra danced to the tune composed by Manikanth Kadri.

The shooting for the movie commenced without much fanfare with Dayal announcing the project. As an erstwhile member of renowned director Yogaraj Bhat’s team, Dayal is finding the going tough in Sandalwood and recently he tied up with Malashri for this project. Dayal has written the story and screenplay for the movie.

Malashri predominantly acts in action movies these days and Gharshane belongs to the same genre. She is the solo lead of the movie and is supported by Tarun Chandra, Suchendra Prasad, Pavithra Lokesh, Ashish Vidyarthi, Muni, Ayyappa Sharma and Roopika in the star cast.

Rajesh is the cinematographer for the movie while Anand is the art director. In addition to Tribhuvan, Murali and Swarna have choreographed the songs.

The director has roped in three well-known stunt masters to direct the action sequences. Palaniraj, Thriller Manju and Chandra will compose the fight sequences and Malashri is expected to perform them without using any stuntmen.


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