Malayalam cinema faces satellite crisis!

Last Updated: Tue, Oct 29, 2013 07:33 hrs

This could be the most well kept secret in the Malayalam film industry.

In a year when the number of films released has been amazingly high, Mollywood is facing a crisis. The channels are coming up with several demands while buying the satellite rights, which is the main revenue source for the producers!
 Now, to know this in detail, you need to learn some basics about the nuances of the business as well.

 Unlike in any other industry, Malayalam films are totally dependent on the amount given by the TV channels to buy the rights to telecast the films, called satellite rights. Curiously, the revenue from theatres is often regarded as a bonus here.

The channels have been fixing the rates based on the star value of the actors and the technicians. Like, the films featuring the superstars will be bought in an amount that could be much bigger than the film's production cost. This earns sure returns for the investment, even before the release of the films.

This trend received a setback when the wily industry insiders started making substandard films with saleable names that resulted in the TV channels deciding to put some restrictions, while buying the rights.
Also, with lots to choose from, the buyers of satellite rights refused to give the nod to all the films. This resulted in many films being stopped midway. Even some of the high profile films made during recent times have been waiting for buyers.

Adding to the crisis, the theatres are refusing to show the films that have no real audience. They often prefer other language films, which are received well by the viewers.
According to a highly successful producer in Malayalam, “if there will be 200 films made this year, next year it could be not more than 70.”

Is anyone from the industry listening? Better be aware about the impending danger before things go totally out of hand.


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