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Nayanthara speaks about Bodyguard
By Moviebuzz
She is confident, assertive and bold. Nayanthara has been keeping a low profile, quietly doing her work and refused to speak to the media. 2010 hs started on a bright note for the actress as her first release of the year Adurs in Telugu is a hit. And her ambitious film, the much talked about film in Malayalam, Bodyguard is releasing on Friday (Jan 22). Sify pins her down for this conversation on the eve of the release

What is your role in Bodyguard?
I play Ammu, a bubbly college student who is the apple of the eye of her wealthy dad played by Thyagarajan sir. She is good at heart and spreads happiness to people around her. Naughty, vibrant and full of life.

Why did you decide to do a Malayalam film while you were riding a wave in Tamil and Telugu?
It was not intentional. When Dileep chettan called up and told me to hear this script from Siddique sir, I did. And trust me; I haven’t been so carried away like this before. Siddique sir is a good story-teller and I listened to the entire script and instantly agreed to do it caring less for the language, dates or remuneration. Such characters comes once in a blue moon and how could I reject it?

The film carries a lot of positive buzz around it. Please comment?
I saw the film and loved it. It is a very simple straightforward film and please go for it without expecting anything big, and you will love it. What I liked about the film is its presentation and let me tell you that what Siddique sir narrated to me is what I see in the movie. All the scenes, comedy and twists are situational and natural.

How was it working with Siddique?
He is such an adorable guy. So grounded, genuine, calm and straightforward. He is patience personified and always smiling even in times of crisis. There is a lot you learn as an actor after working with him. People like him are rare to find these days and even if he calls me for another film, I will shut my eyes and agree to do it without asking questions.

What about Dileep, your hero?
He and Manju chechi are my extended family. He is a good friend too and we vibe well.

How have the songs shaped up? Has Prabhu Deva has choreographed the songs?
Prabhu is a very close friend of Siddique sir and when we decided to shoot an important song which goes with the story, Siddique sir spoke to Prabhu and he agreed if the dates were planned according to his convenience. That’s how he came down to Kerala and we shot two songs- one in Munnar and the other in Kottayam.

So will you be doing more Malayalam films?
It depends on the script. I have been getting lot of offers and when the right time comes, I will not hesitate. Right now, I have signed an off-beat film with director Shyamaprasad.

You are keeping a low profile these days avoiding the media..Is it a deliberate move?
(Smiles).. There is nothing for me to talk. I am very happy that 2010 has started on a good note after Adhurs is a hit and I am so happy to be a part of Bodyguard. Even when I don’t talk, I am dragged into far too many controversies both personally and professionally. Now I prefer to quietly do my work and let my films do the talking.