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Music director Bharadwaj needs no introduction. He made an entry to Tamil film industry through Kadhal Mannan and has today become one of the most sought after music directors. Gemini, Parthen Rasithen, Rojakootam, Amarkalam and Pandavar Bhoomi are some of his hit movies. JJ is his 25th film as a music director. caught up with this talented melody maker. Excerpts:

Q: You are doing a worldwide tour of musical extravaganza. Can you explain?

A: It is jointly produced by Holistic Entertainment and Annamalai university Engineering and Technology Alumni Association. This worldwide tour will begin in Chennai. Veteran music directors like M.S.Viswanathan and Ramamoorthy will perform to celebrate their 50 th year in the industry. I will give the audience a remix of the old and new music. The proceeds will go to charitable institutions like Banyan. We will tour UK, Middle East, Singapore and Malaysia.

Q: Tell us about your background ?

A: I am a Tamil Brahmin from Tirunelveli born and brought up in Delhi. My father was a Government official attached to the Parliament house. Right from my childhood I had a craze for music and have learned Carnatic, Western and Hindustani music at the Delhi University. No one in my family was into music, and they all wanted me to concentrate on my studies. I became a qualified Chartered Accountant and also got a job at Ashok Leyland in Chennai. In 1986, I came to Chennai and struggled to make an entry in Tamil filmdom. I composed few devotional albums.

Q: Then how did you enter film music?

A: In the late eighties I started doing jingles for R.K.Swamy. Then I threw my job and wanted to go full time into music. The R.K.Swamy group gave me my first break to compose the title track of a serial Vizhuthgal. In 1995, I got my first movie assignment in Telugu Sogasu Chooda Tharma which became a hit and after that I did 16 Telugu films. My first Tamil film was Kathal Mannan and the song Unne Parthu... became a chartbuster. Thus I was introduced by Saran.

Q: Your rapport with Saran?

A: We share a good chemistry since our first film Kadhal Mannan. We have done films like Amarkalam, Parthen Rasithen, Gemini and now JJ. I will be scoring music for his next film Attagasam starring Ajith. We vibe well and thus are successful in bringing out good music.

Q: Did you ever think your O podu song in Gemini would become such a super hit?

A: My biggest hit so far has been the songs in Gemini. When Saran asked me to make a song with the words O Podu, which is quite common among college students, I did not know it would be a turning point in my career. However the success of this song is due to the perfect understanding between Saran, Vairamuthu and me. But to be honest the sale of Gemini cassette took all of us by surprise.

Q: On lyrics being lost in present day songs?

A: It is pathetic. I ensure that all my songs have good lyrics, which should be meaningful. For example Avaravar Vazhkayil and Thozha Thozha in Pandavar Bhumi are still favourites. I never entertain those who don’t know Tamil to sing my songs.

Q: Why did you back out from Arjun starrer Ottran?

A: Honestly, I don't like anyone interfering in my work. As a creator I need freedom and if the actor or director puts his head into my work, it will affect my creativity. It is better to move away rather than work with people with whom you are not comfortable.

Q: How has JJ music shaped out?

A: It is once again a movie directed by Saran. The songs have shaped out well and the sales of audio are also good. It is my 25 th film as a music director and so it will be very special to me.

Q:Your forthcoming movies?

A: After JJ it is Dreams which has Dhanush in lead role, Autograph with Cheran as the director and Saran’s Attagasam. As long as people need good music I will continue to give it.