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"I want to prove myself": Meenakshi
By Moviebuzz
Maria Margaret Sharmilee is Meenakshi for the audience in Malayalam film industry. She is known as the “ghost with ravishing looks” after her hit film Vellinakshtram directed by Vinayan.

Meenakshi needs no introduction to the Tamil audience as she came to Malayalam after doing a couple of films there. She is a graduate in Maths from the prestigious Stella Maris College in Chennai. After doing two Tamil films, both with top banners, Meenakshi is now all set to make a mark with her forthcoming films. Excerpts of an interview

Why did you rechristen yourself as Meenakshi?
Well it is simple. There is another Sharmilee in the industry and the name Meenakshi, the character I play in Kakkakarumbam sounded good and hence I decided to go ahead with this name. I think this has been lucky for me (smiles).

How did you enter films?
I was doing modelling and later hosting a popular phone-in programme, Kasumele on Jaya TV before entering films. My Tamil films Asaiasaiyai and AVM’s Anbe Anbe had done average business. Later I did Taraak, a Telugu film before coming to Malayalam.

Why did you choose Malayalam?
Tamil film industry has been very kind to me but when it comes to the box-office success of a film, they have the tendency of putting the blame on the heroine which I think is unfair. I am so happy that good directors in Malayalam who are making powerful films are interested in casting me in their films. I want to do more films here and prove myself.

Vellinakshatram was your biggest break. Please comment
I am so indebted to my Malayalee audience who accepted me. When I decide to the role of a ghost in Vellinakshatram there were people who dissuaded me. But I went by my instincts and did the role which had different shades to it and it paid off.

Beauty or talent, which according to you is of prime importance?
As an actress being beautiful is an asset but ultimately it is your acting that is of prime importance.

About your films?
My film with Siddharth, Kakkakarumban has just release and is getting rave reviews. In Johnson Esthappan’s film I have a good role and Sheela the veteran actress is also acting in the film. Another film is Gafoorka Dost. My next release would be Youth Festival and Junior Senior.