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"I have more enemies than friends": Dileep
By Moviebuzz
Dileep who is shooting for Rafi Mecartin’s Pandipada in Pollachi called up to say that his Vishu release- Kochi Rajavu is a hit. Excerpts of the conversation

We hear that Kochi Rajavu failed to take a good opening. Comments
Kochi Rajavu has taken an extremely good opening and according to the trade it is the best among all the three Vishu releases. I can give you figures to prove my point from theatres from Trivandrum to Kasaragod! And from Monday after the Vishu weekend, family audiences have kept the film steady at the box-office. Shogun, the distributors have told me that it is a profitable venture.

But what is your comment on the negative reports going around?
What can I say (Laughs) I have more enemies than friends who are always targeting my films. At the time of the release of Meesa Madhavan, the same people went around saying “Who is he to twirl his moustache?” and when CID Moosa released the same people asked: “How can Dileep ape James Bond and take the gun?”. Both the films turned out to be mega blockbusters. Let people who spread stories like this do their job, while I concentrate on my work of entertaining my audience.

But the biggest criticism against Kochi Rajavu is that you have tried to copy Rajnikanth in Baasha?
In a particular scene there may be references to Baasha which after all was added for mass appeal. What about others films? All films are inspired from different sources. Some people thought that the auto song in Kochi Rajavu reminded them of Aei Auto , and what do I do about it? The film was meant to be racy action entertainer.

Why are you moving away from comedy genre that is your strength?
Who said that? I know my strengths and weaknesses more than anyone. My fans love the slapstick adipoli variety of comedy from me and I don’t intend to move away from it. Even Runway, an action film had lots of humour in it. I love rice and ‘nadan’ curries but that does not mean that I should not have an occasional chicken biriyani!

You have always been appreciated even by your worst critics for choosing the right subjects for your films. But off late do you think that your decisions have backfired?
Sometimes due to certain obligations things go wrong and I take the blame for it. I agree that Rasikan was not appreciated by my fans. Even the most carefully laid out plans go awry at times. I always want to give the audience something new within the commercial format.

How is Pandipada shaping out?
Pandipada will be a treat to my fans who love situational comedies. It is a full length laugh riot based on real estate boom and its pitfalls. Rafi Mecartin (Punjabi House, Tenkasipattanam) the director duo has always been able to get the best out of me.