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I’m proud of Notebook: Rosshan
By Moviebuzz
Rosshan Anddrews burst on the Malayalam film scene in 2005 with the cult classic Udayananu Tharam, one of the best movies ever. Sify had given its verdict as- Excellent. In fact we talked about him as the future director to watch out in Malayalam films. Nearly two years later, he had his next release Notebook, which our reviewer said was Ho-hum, just average!

A peeved Roshan told Moviebuzz that he was very upset with the review and could not sleep for days. Roshan wanted to defend Notebook, which he feels is a movie that has to be appreciated. In a freewheeling interview, Roshan talks about Notebook. Excerpts.

How are you feeling after Notebook release?
First and foremost, let me tell you that your review on on the opening day of its release, came as a rude shock to me. A lot of people worldwide read your review, which affect the collections.. and my friends from all over the world called me up to say that they had read Notebook review. I was in tears because it was the review of Udayananu Tharam, that got me a few offers from Bollywood.

Roshan, but it is a reviewer's perspective…
Anyway, now I have got over it.Notebook is being appreciated by the youth of Kerala. They say I had the guts to make a path- breaking film, something different and innovative. I’m proud of Notebook as it is close to my heart and it’s my baby.

Yes, we appreciate your guts to make a film with an all new star cast at a time when you could have easily got the dates of any top star…
Do you know after Udayan… both Mammootty and Mohanlal were very keen to work with me? But to be honest I did not have a script for them. I wanted to do Notebook, as I was impressed with Bobby and Sanjay’s script. To work with newcomers is a challenge and I think I got very good performances from all of them. It has message for today’s youth.

How is the response to from your peers?
In one word –Terrific! Seven of Malayalam’s best known directors- Priyadarsan, Sathyan Anthikad, Sibi Malayil, Joshy, Jayaraj, Lal Jose and I.V Sasi saw the film and personally called me up and said it was not only good but was touching. After a show in Chennai, Priyan hugged me and said he was so impressed with the movie, which had a message for today’s youth. They all said it is going to be a trendsetter.

So you are very happy with Notebook?
I’m extremely happy with the film, which carries good word-of-mouth, among the youth. It had a slow start at the box-office, but collections are picking up day by day. You had mentioned Baba Kalyani had taken a share of Rs 89 Lakhs in the first week from 61 screens….Please note that Notebook has been impressive too with Rs 38 lakhs from just 35 screens! I think it is fantastic and that calls for a party.