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"Khaki is ready" : Pritviraj
By Moviebuzz
Pritviraj is undoubtedly the most handsome young actor in Malayalam. He has worked with some of the finest directors and has also made deep inroads into Tamil films. His latest film in Tamil Mozhi is a blockbuster and recently he won the Kerala State award for Best Actor for Vaasthavam. Moviebuzz caught up with the actor in Film City, Chennai for a quick chat

First and foremost, a belated congrats on bagging the Best actor award for Vaasthavam, which was a brilliantly crafted film?
Thanks.. I thought that it was a great film and was extremely happy to get the award. But I seriously think that in spite of all the critical acclaim that Vaasthavam got, it should have also become a hit.

But what went wrong?
I donít have an answer to that. Maybe the time of release, marketing and publicity was not favourable. Moreover, I think the taste of an average Malayalee has changed in the last few years. But now, a lot of young talents are coming up like writers and directors.

You are very busy in Tamil and most of the film makers want to cast you in their filmsÖ Please comment?
(Smiles) Is it so? Iím happy that they really want me. Anyway, I am so happy about the success of Mozhi, a film that I believed in and had a great time working with. Prakash Raj is one of the best actors and human being that I have ever known. His love for good cinema and passion for the media is incomparable.

He is also all praises about you when ever he meets usÖ
I am glad to hear that from a great actor like him. It was his marketing and vision that made Mozhi a big hit. Our on-screen chemistry also worked to the advantage of the film.

Tell us about your Malayalam films?
Well, Khaki is ready for release. It is my fifth cop role. It is a pucca commercial film that will satisfy all section of audiences. Mukesh plays my brother and the film is all about the emotional turmoils between the brothers both being cops.

What are your next films?
My next film will be Chocolate a campus love story directed by Shafi. Roma is the heroine and it is about a guy who becomes the first man to study in a womenís college (smiles). In Tamil I am doing director Priya Vís Kannammoochi Yenada and a couple of other projects.