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Shyamaprasad speaks
By Moviebuzz
Shyamaprasad is one of the few directors in Malayalam who believes in making good cinema. He has made meaningful films like Agnisakshi and Akale. Now he has managed to pull off a casting coup by bringing together National Award winning actors Mammootty and Meera Jasmine together in his new film Ore Kadal releasing for Onam. In this exclusive interview to Moviebuzz, Shyamaprasad opens up

What is Ore Kadal all about?
The film is based on Bengali writer Sunil Gangopadhya’s classic Heerak Deepti. Ore Kadal is a very intimate study of man- woman relationship set in modern times. Mammootty plays an economist in the film, a genius who refuses to accept that he is slowly but surely falling in love. Mammootty and Meera are two people caught in a dilemma, with Narain as the helpless victim. I do not want to divulge further details about the story line.

You have managed a casting coup in bringing Mammootty and Meera Jasmine two national award winning actors. Please comment.
(Smiles) It just happened. For me the script is the most important factor, and the actors that I chose should be perfect for the role that they are assigned When I narrated the script of Ore Kadal to Mammootty and Meera Jasmine, they immediately agreed to do the film. And I got a good producer in Vindhyan, who agreed to fund the project and everything fell into place.

Your last film “Akale” too was based on Tennessee William’s autobiographical play “The Glass Menagerie”. Do you love making adaptations?
It is not intentional. I try to be faithful to the adaptation making minor changes to suit our milieu. I shot the entire film in Chennai because I needed a big city back drop for the story. The whole story unfolds against an urban background.

How different will Ore Kadal be from your earlier films?
For me it is a continuation of the earlier themes that I have done of love and redemption. What I’ve tried to do is to bring back story oriented and emotional films, which we seem to have lost out! In terms of thematic content or the stylistic aspect, Ore Kadal is a much more direct and powerful narrative. Azhagappan is my cameraman who brings freshness to the shot composition and story telling, and there is Ouseppachan to provide the songs.