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By Moviebiz

Among the younger lot of stars there is only one man who gets a Minimum Guarantee (MG) and he is none other than the superstar Vijay, popularly called ‘Ilaya Thalapathy’. He has an initial all over Tamilnadu, overseas, and now in Kerala. Vijay’s new film Tamizhan to be released on Tamil New Year day (April14) has been sold for a record price of 11.5crore. Recently this down-to-earth superstar spoke to Excerpts:

Q: How do you feel when people say that you are the next biggest star after Rajnikanth?

A: I feel very happy and grateful to God. Added to that I have to thank my fans who have been loyal and devoted to me.

Q: But your critic’s say that you are only doing films that boost your image. Why?

A: I had done a negative role in Priyamudan which was not appreciated by my fans. Since then I have decided to do only positive roles.

Q: What about Shajahan? In the film you were fighting to get lovers united. But you never got the girl in the end. Comment?

A: (Pause) It happened that way. I don’t know how to comment on it. There is no explanation why it happened that way.

Q: What is of paramount importance to you when you choose a film?

A: For me story is of prime importance. Nothing else matters to me.

Q: You seem to be giving breaks to a lot of young, new directors. What is the reason for it?

A: I like to encourage new guys. They are all excited when they narrate new story ideas to me, which sort of kick starts my thought process for the next film.

Q: They say that you are a thorough professional?

A: My father trained me like that.

Q: There is a complaint that your father interferes too much with your films. Comment?

A: Yes. My father is involved with my projects and he gives me the right advices at the right time. That does not mean that he is ‘interfering’. He gives suggestions and there is nothing wrong in it.

Q: Can you clarify what went wrong with you and Vikraman regarding the Lakshmi Movie Makers film?

A: There was a difference of opinion regarding the story. I felt that I should not do a film that goes against my ‘image’. At this point, I told Viraman ‘sir’ that I do not want to experiment with a subject like that. He readily agreed and there is no animosity between, us over the matter.

Q: We heard that you threw a party for the unit of Tamizhan. Was it because the film shaped out well?

A: Yes. I was very impressed by the way Tamizhan was conceived and finished. Hats off to GV ‘sir’, director Majid and the whole unit.

Q: You have acted with some of the most beautiful women including ‘Miss World’ Priyanka Chopra. But you have never been linked with any of your heroines and all of them have a great opinion about you. How do you manage this?

A: (Smiles..) Hey, I am also a human being. My parents got me married at the right time and thus I was able to keep my mind steady. My family is very important for me. Nothing can distract me from my work.

Q: What about your rivalry with Ajit?

A: We have no rivalry and Ajit is not my competitor. Regarding competition, even a rank new comer is competition.

Q: We believe that you are getting ridiculously high salary. Please comment

A: Is it so? I do not decide my salary, it is dictated by the box office. When people come and offer you large sums will you say ‘NO’ to them?