Mallika Sherawat: Aamir Khan Part 2?

Last Updated: Tue, Oct 05, 2004 04:25 hrs

Mallika Sherawat is back in the news. Post-`Murder` she’s ready to make a splash with a comic caper called Kis Kis Ki Kismat.

After going completely off press after `Murder` she’s all set to give a series of interviews this week to promote her precious new product before she zips off to Hampi to shoot with Jackie Shroff… sorry Chan for a film and role that had been declined by half the heroines in the film industry.

Ms Sherawat of course doesn’t believe that. She also believes that she’s a major star in Bollywood and that every leading filmmaker is pining to work with her.

I’d love to replay some of the things that the industry bigwigs have to say about her and I’d love to disabuse her on her mythic self-regard whereby she actually believes Mumbai is composed of two kinds of people: those who love Mallika Sherawat and those who hate to love her.

In reality the clamour for her glamour is all in her mind. Says a leading filmmaker, “Mallika Sherawat? Please! No way would I want to work with her. Of course she’s a fine actress and I’m sure she has her fan following. But she doesn’t suit my purposes at all.”

So sorry, Mallika. No bigwig. No Karan Johar, Yash Chopra, Sanjay Leela Bhansali or Raj Kumar Santoshi. She claims to be turning down roles every day, a la Aamir Khan.

But these claims aren’t supported by facts. I know of no major filmmaker who wants to work with her or is even considering her for their films.

Ms Sherawat thinks she’s exclusive like Aamir Khan. If he speaks to the press only during the time of a release, so will she. If he’s going international with The Rising, well she’s doing the same with the Jackie Chan film, and never mind if she has as much to do in the film as Suddhanshu Pande (the tv actor who‘s also in the film) if not less .

The strangest part of her career is, she has no major film on hand though we’re constantly told she is “under negotiation with some very big filmmakers.”

But who are these big filmmakers? Can we have a list of Ms Sherawat’s career conquests?

As for her new release Kis Kis Ki Kismat, it’s directed by Govind Menon who directed her in the infamous Khwahish, a frame by frame, word by word, item by item remake of Arthur Miller’s Love Story where Ms Sherawat spoke glibly about sex and condoms and kissed her co-star 17(or was it 19?) times.

Now she’s doing yet another comedy with Menon, with Rekha as her co-star.

I guess in Menon, Sherawat has found her Ram Gopal Varma. But I repeat…where are the other filmmakers whom she’s supposed to be turning down every day?

Shouldn’t Mallika Sherawat get real? Acknowledge the fact that the film industry doesn’t see her as a diva and is certainly not clamouring to sign her?

Kis Kis Ki Kismat is being promoted as a film featuring the two “hot-blooded Jats” Dharmendra and Mallika Sherawat. In actuality the yesteryear’s superstar plays her boyfriend’s father in the film. There‘s absolutely no hint of a relationship between the two.

Wrong publicity kills. Ask the makers of three recent films Fida, Madhoshi and Rakht. All three were promoted as erotic thrillers when in fact they had little erotic content. Many people feel Fida with its right blend of slick direction, catchy music and glamorous stars would have performed much better at the boxoffice if it hadn’t been projected incorrectly.

Kis Kis Ki Kismat will also be a victim of a misleading publicity campaign. After it bites the lust…sorry dust Ms Sherawat will probably come down to earth.

But then it will be too late for her.

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