Mallika Sherawat rules!

Last Updated: Thu, Sep 30, 2004 06:14 hrs

Mallika Sherawat.

The name runs raucous images of sex, sexuality, candor and controversies. This pout princess has taken Indian screen sexuality into censored territory. Today a Bollywood actress and a mega celebrity, she hasn't had it easy. Madame Mallika has clawed her way into the film frat.(Also see: The heat is still on)

Family feud
An orthodox family, small town Rohtak and an iron-pants father can squash one's dreams, but not if you are Mallika Sherawat. This siren squirmed out of her family cocoon, got urban education and spelt her desire to be an actress. Her disciplinarian father wanted to see her married, which conflicted with her ambition to make it as a cine star. Finally, kneeling to her babuji's zidd, Sherwat got married. Within a sport span, she was divorced but didn't let go of her dreams. Bag baggage in toe, she was in Mumbai to breathe her dreams, to be an actress… (Also See: Mallika in Kis Kis Ki Kismat)

Start from scratch

Non-mumbaite, zero filmy connections, throw along severe parental opposition, and you have an ugly picture. But where people see hopelessness, the luscious lady saw hope. The start was dull and dim, but at the end of a long and weary day, Farokh Chotia spotted her and a career call in the lens of the ace photographer clicked…(Also Visit: Mallika's gallery)

A BPL commercial with Amitabh Bachchan and a Santro ad with SRK should have zoomed a wannabe's career but unfortunately, with the industry's flippant ways, both these commercials were shelved. Not the one to loose heart, the screen sizzler went on to do work that came her way, count among that a lingerie ad, Rooh Afza and sundry others which paid her bills during her lean phase.

And then Lady luck smiled her way; she auditioned for Govind Menon's Khwahish.

The Curvaceous kitten of Khwahish
Seventeen kisses, bikini shots, abundant sexuality, and India's self-styled sex-goddess had arrived. A film shot on a shoestring budget went on to be a commission earner and put the lass in limelight. While co-star Himanshu faded out, the lady happily hogged spotlight that came her way, while waiting for her big kill. The film came in for brickbats but Mallika knew she had arrived.

Bare and Dare
She wears a bikini with the ease of a gown and smooches as it were breathing. Shocking sexuality or steaming the screen with her co-stars, she has driven her way to success with her 'Bare and Dare' antics. Like it or not, Sherawat has brought sexuality out of the closet and put it on the 70 MM to sizzle and shine. Must admit, Mallika inspired a bevy of body beautiful women and the sati-savitri cardboard cutouts were buried.

Her fiery statements further fed the gossip mills. Known for her frankspeak and bindaas attitude, the sexpot has made a mark somewhere down the line. Could be strategy, could be style, but the effect is bang on.

`Murder` she wrote…
Her big break came by way of a television show where Mahesh Bhatt saw her airing bindaas opinions. The next thing to happen, Bhatt gave her Murder. When asked whether Murder was going to be as sizzling as Khwahish, the glamour goddess replied, “Murder will make Khwahish look like a baby”. And was she right, people folked to watch the film.

An erotic thriller, Mallika sealed her fate with this runaway hit. The sizzle-and-sex factor is being talked about till date. So much so that co-star Emraan Hashmi accuses her of stealing the spotlight. And if you thought she cared, it's clearly a Myth…

The Myth
While Bollywood continues to drool and discuss Hollywood sign-ups, Mallika has signed-shot-and celebrated her international project with none less than Jackie Chan. Mallika plays the role of an Indian princess who falls in love and is rescued by Jackie. The film is being readied for a simultaneous release in India. Tough to swallow, but the sexy Sherawat insists that the film doesn't have nudity…

Meanwhile in Mumbai, mentor Govind Menon is all set with his sex-comedy Kis Kis Ki Kismat where Mallika plays a small town girl who is mistaken for Dharmendra's mistress. Lady luscious has been tom-tomming that her character is cross between Marilyn Monroe and Madhubala. Besides, she has signed some prestigious projects with the likes of, hold your breath, Rajkumar Santoshi. And Bachke Rehna Re Baba with screen diva Rekha will complete her film trilogy with director friend Govind Menon.

Call it destiny or design; Mallika is sure ruling Bollywood Boulevard.

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