Mallika Sherawat to shed her sexy image

Last Updated: Wed, May 12, 2004 04:59 hrs

While the publicity machinery is going berserk promoting Mallika Sherawat’s next film Kiss Kiss Ki Kismat as a sizzling sexually simmering synthesis of the two Jat actors Dharmendra and Mallika Sherawat, the fact is the twosome play father-in-law and daughter-in-law in the film!

Mallika’s co-star in the comedy is a newcomer Siddharth Makkar. There’re no romantic overtures, sizzling or otherwise, between Dharmendra and Mallika.

The actress herself admits, "Kiss Kiss Ki Kismat is my first ‘U’ certificate family film and my director Govind Menon’s completely original film after Khwahish for which he got a lot of flak."

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Khwahish was a scene by scene almost word by word copy of the cult Hollywood romance Love Story. It also brought Mallika’s assets, histrionic or otherwise, into conspicuous focus.

If Menon’s new Mallika vehicle is a family film why is it being promoted as a pssst-pssst sleaze show? More crucially would Mallika’s fans (mostly boys and single men) want to see her fully clothed?

Things couldn’t be going more right for Murder sensation Mallika Sherawat. Things couldn’t be going more wrong for her either. Suddenly thrust with stardom she’s at the vortex of an intense campaign to prove she’s become too highhanded to be forgiven.

Her two Murder leading men Ashmit Patel and Emran Hashmi in Murder are up in arms against thie leading lady for allegedly hogging the limelight.

But Mallika begs innocence. "If I was noticed in the film, is it my fault?" she says with a hurt expression. "Is it a crime to be successful?"

She apparently listens to 4-5 scripts every day these days and says no to all of them, thereby leading to further talk about her highhandedness. Disgruntled directors claim she’s developed an attitude. But Mallika isn’t bothered. "I’ve always been exactly like this. I speak my mind and I expect others to do the same."

After an overkill in the media, more than partly orchestrated by the lady and her producers of Murder, she has decided to go off-press for a long while.

Apparently statements such as "I’m like Viagara for the audience" and "I don’t mind doing a porn film" were part of a carefully-orchestrated game plan for Murder which Mallika wasn’t entirely comfortable going along with.

All the hoopla about her sexy image is all a front. At heart Mallika claims to be a conservative girl with "an inbuilt censor". Talks about an affair with Mahesh Bhatt embarrass her. "How can I be involved with someone old enough to be my father?"

Father or no, Sherawat has cleverly moved on. She recently met Ram Gopal Varma. The hot-and-happening duo hit it off instantly. Varma says he’s planning to cast Mallika "as soon as possible, the sooner the better."

It looks like the super-ambitious Sherawat (whose social climbing makes Zeenat Aman look totally innocuous) has discovered the new level to climb to. Having gone from Govind Menon in Khwahish to Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt in Murder, Mallika has vetoed two projects with the Bhatts evidently for greener pastures (and not because the Bhatts don’t want her any more, as claimed by them).

"Don’t I have the right to to say no to assignments that are offered to me? Does success mean I’ve to lose my friends?" she sighs dramatically.

And before Pooja Bhatt starts celebrating the signing of the new superstar-ni from Rohtak Madame Mallika reiterates, "The talks with Pooja are at a very early stage."

The only film she has said yes to is a project to be produced by Jhamu Sugandh. The date diaries are evidently being kept clean for the Ram Gopal Varmas of show world to take note of the Murder Mademoiselle. She’s got what it tricks.

As usual Mahesh Bhatt has the last word. "Mallika will not be working with us now or in the future. But she was a sweet dedicated girl during the making of Murder. I can’t say I’ve lost a friend. I can’t lose something I never had."

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