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Mallu Singh

Mallu Singh
nni Mukundan, Kunchacko Boban, Samvrutha Sunil
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It’s like a custom in Malayalam that when a loud film with lots of comedy, action and melodrama is to be made, the filmmakers head to Pollachi. There will be a ‘Kounder’, his Malayali wife, song ‘n’ dance routine, stunts and so on. Imagine, what if the locales change to Punjab? It will look like director Vysakh’s Mallu Singh.

Hari (Unni Mukundan) and Ani (Kunchacko Boban) have been really close to each other right from their childhood days. Hari’s uncle and his wicked sons have been hatching plans to bump him off to get hold of the huge fortune that awaits the youngster.

On a fateful night seven years back, Hari leaves his village after some unfortunate happenings and since then, he has been absconding. Ani catches a glimpse of a young Sikh named Harinder Singh during a TV show, who resembles Hari. He goes to Punjab to find him but Harinder Singh aka Mallu Singh, whom he meet at the Mallu Street there, denies Ani’s story.

With unbelievable coincidences and silly logic aplenty, the director’s only intention seems to be on making the hero look larger than life. With slow motions, extreme close ups and every routine gimmicks, he tries to give a macho look to the hero.

In fact, the whole locality is scared of Mallu Singh, which includes the comedy trio played by Biju Menon, Manoj K Jayan and Suraj Venjarammoodu. It’s a pity that gifted actors like Biju and Manoj relegate themselves to such badly written characters. Even Kunchacko Boban has the kind of a role that is usually earmarked for actors like Harisree Asokan or Suraj Venjarammoodu.

But the greatest disappointment is Unni Mukundan, who has wooden expressions all along. He is visibly uncomfortable when the whole attention falls on him, though he is good in fight and dance sequences. The most challenging thing for the youngster should have been in maintaining the same ‘expressionless’ look throughout the movie!

Scenarist Sethu (of the erstwhile Sachi-Sethu duo) and director Vysakh seems to take the viewers for granted and should be having the notion that no credible storyline is required when the whole mood is pretty colourful and boisterous.

Though most of the story is supposedly happening in Punjab, there are not many visuals showing the life or beauty of the land. With an age old premise of rivalry between family members and finding inspirations from several films from the past including ‘Hitler’, ‘Punjabi House’ and so on, the film never really strikes a chord with the viewers. Shaji’s visuals and M Jayachandran’s tunes are good.

Mallu Singh could be appealing in parts for those viewers who are there just for fun, without much logic. For the rest, here is one movie with lots of style but no substance at all. Decide the category to which you belong, before heading for this one.

Verdict: Average


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