Saturday 31 August 2013

Movie Title



Rajesh Nair

Star Cast

Rakesh Adiga, Nikki, Chetan, Srinath

Mandahasa went on the floors four years ago and finally released this Friday. Well, was it worth the wait? Well, the answer is definitely a ?no?. The movie features Rakesh Adiga and debutant actors Chetan and Nikki in the lead roles. A youth-oriented movie with a love triangle as the theme, Mandahasa is like any average Kannada movie.

It is much of a single location movie, as the plot unfolds in a private resort. Two youths chat up at a resort to reveal the secrets of their lives. One of them is shocked when he finally understands the crux of the other?s story. So, he decides to help the stranger in distress. The story creates curiosity however the characters do not justify the script.

Though the movie takes off on a serious tone, the actors mess it up providing an amateur approach. Only Rakesh Adiga betters the rest in the acting department. The comedy scenes fail to elicit laughter and the suspense in the plot is so common. The movie easily gives an impression that it is amalgamation of several hit Kannada movies.

There are two highlights of the movie ? soft and melodious music by Veer Samarth and intelligent cinematography by Santosh Rai Pataje. With limited options, Santosh manages to capture the essence of the plot. Rajesh Nair appears to have confused himself, as the movie has been badly edited.

Verdict: Average

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