Mankatha crew meets the media

Last Updated: Sat, Aug 13, 2011 04:55 hrs

The cast and crew of Mankatha met the media and showcased the trailer and two songs of the film. Ajit and Arjun and the four heroines, Trisha, Anjali, Andrea and Lakshmi were conspicuous by their absence.  But the rest of the unit was present in full swing.

The director, Venkat Prabhu spoke at great length about the making of the film and his crew members. The film revolves around four bad guys with Ajit being the badder fifth one. Jayaprakash plays a man with shades of grey while Vaibhav and Premgi, who are staple in Venkat’s films, are here as well.

Arvind Akash , who played a gay in Goa, was not cast originally but finally got in, doing a strong negative character, which Venkat said, would give him a big break. Mahant is a new face, while a big cop role has been done by newbie Ashwin who played Sameera’s boyfriend in Nadunisi Naigal earlier.

The great great grandson of Bharathiyar, Niranjan, has done the lyrics of one song, while others have been written by Gangai Amaran and Vaali. Venkat revealed how he had written the original film only with his usual band of boys as characters, but it was Vaibhav who had asked him to include a big hero otherwise he may get branded as doing films the same way everytime.

 “We even thought of Vivek Oberoi and Satyaraj in the first draft but things didn’t get through. It was by chance one day that I got  a call from Ajith himself who told me he’d heard I was doing a movie. He then added, that if ever I had a character like Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, I should call him. I was aghast since I had just such a character in Mankatha! When I told him that then he said, ok, why don’t I do that role? And that’s how, things came through and he came on board in just one day, to my utter amazement!” said Venkat Prabhu who is happy he gets to be in history as the director of Thala’s fiftieth film.

Ajith is not in a double role and will be seen in his salt and pepper hairstyle, a la George Clooney. Premgi Amaran said, “Usually I say that I am the hero in all my brother’s films but with Thala being in this one, I cant say that!” Premgi has sung to Yuvan’s music in one song while Venkat will make a small appearance in this Cloud Nine film. The release is slated tentatively for Aug 30th.


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