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Bharath Bala
Dhanush, Parvathy, Appukutty, Jagan
AR Rahman
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Clearly, one of most awaited movies of the year, Maryan has been well worth the wait. This superbly crafted film has three heroes- Dhanush as Maryan (Man without death), AR Rahmanís outstanding score and Marc Koninckxx evocative cinematography.

Debutant director Bharath Bala has told a simple, clichťd story of an underdog's struggle for survival in a new milieu and thatís what makes the film entertaining and inspiring. Maryan is a roller-coaster ride of exhilarating romance in the first half and heightened drama after interval.

Maryan (Dhanush) is an aggressive fisherman who is slowly attracted to the feisty Panimalar (Parvathy) who is crazy about him. But Theekkurissi (Vinayakan) a local moneylender sets his eye on the beautiful Pani and wants to marry her in return to the huge loan that her father (Salimkumar) had taken. To get Pani, Maryan decides to go and work in Sudan, Africa as a construction worker under a contract of two years.

But on the day of his return, he along with co-workers is abducted and held ransom by Africans to get money from the company they work for! Does Maryan escape from the hot deserts where he is tortured and held captive?

Even when the film slackens in the second half, it is the characters that hold you spellbound by their interactions, particularly the two protagonists Dhanush and Parvathy along with the supporting cast of Appukutty as Sakkarai and Jagan as Sami who leave a lasting impression.

Dhanush has once again given a committed and riveting performance and is the biggest strength of the film. His complete submission to the character he played and the physical strain he took in the rough terrains makes him a strong contender for another award winning performance. Parvathy is the right mix of natural beauty and vulnerability. Christopher Minnie as Wolf the menacing villain is a face you're unlikely to forget.

Technically, Bharath Bala has made a brilliant film. Maryan wouldn't be half the film if it weren't for Marc Koninckxx breathless, dazzling cinematography with a gamut of varied camera angles to convey emotions against the backdrop of the beautiful sea and dry African deserts. Much credit must go to AR Rahman for contributing some great tunes and a sumptuous soundtrack which proves a worthy accompaniment to the film's crackling narrative. Songs are placed well and goes with the narrative.

On the downside the film is slow and slips into indulgent lapses like the much hyped cheetah scene, which is confusing for the viewer who isnít clear if it was real or just an illusion of the tired and hungry hero!

On the whole, Maryan is an experience worth your time.

Verdict: Good


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