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K. Padmaraja and LGR
Ramki, Inaya, Roja
N Fazil
Sri Green productions
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Starring the popular actors of 80ís Ramki, Roja, Sarath Babu and YG Mahendan, Masani is packaged as C-grade horror movie. The story, characters and presentation are ancient, tacky and reminds you of horror films of 70ís. Today, audiences are exposed to smart horror serials with good graphics sitting in the comfort of their home on small screen.

Blending divinity and cheap-thrill horror, Masani is the story of a low-caste woman Masani (Inaya) who falls for her muthalali (Ramki) an upper-caste rich landlord but meets with a sad end, pregnant and helpless due to the machinations of his evil sister-in-law (Roja) How corny can it get?

Masani dies and now her spirit is roaming in white saree in the village scaring people and priests in the temple. To add insult to injury, director K Padmaraja & LGR has packaged the film with comedy scenes with Mano Bala, Pandi, Chitti Babu and others which fails to evoke any laughter.

On the whole, it is more fatiguing than frightening. Itís rather interesting to note how films like this are still made in Tamil? A waste of time, energy and resources.

Verdict: Avoid


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