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Aneesh Upasana
Maqbool Salmaan, Mythili
Ratheesh Vegha,Anand Raj Anand
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There is a genuine storyline in debutant director Aneesh Upasana's Matinee but the problem is that it has been presented in a horrible way. A flawed script and some unbelievably bad performances add to the woes and except perhaps for the last five minutes or so, the film is a total failure.

Najeeb (Maqbool Salmaan) is a jobless youth, who dreams of becoming a film star some day. When he finds an advertisement calling for fresh faces for a soon to be launched film, he goes for a screen test. The heroine is Savithri (Mythily) also a newcomer from a modest background. The two youngsters hope to make it big in the world of movies, but as it turns out to be, things go terribly wrong for them.

Anil Narayanan's script lacks any imagination and it is melodramatic, clichéd and uninteresting. The director has not succeeded in narrating the film in a gripping manner. The film was marketed mainly with an item number, Ayalathe veettile…, which is a nice tune with real bad lyrics. Pappinu's visuals are fine but the background score doesn't impress much.

In his debut as a hero Maqbool Salmaan disappoints in a big way, overdoing the emotions without any real skill. Mythily just sleepwalks through her role, in a lazy style. The lead pair's angst after they becomes victim to an unfortunate turnaround of events in their lives has not been presented in a convincing way.

Matinee is one film, which could have been much better if handled with passion and expertise. In the end, even the makers of this film are merely using the sexuality of the heroine just like the so-called villains in the story, to market their movie. Now, isn't that called hypocrisy?

Verdict: Below Average


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