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Saturday 1 October 2005

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Jayam Ravi, Shriya, Rahul Dev

Alas, a successful remake does not necessarily guarantee a satisfying cinema. Case in point: the disappointing Mazhai.

The Telugu original Varsham was a huge hit which was noticed for mainly for its freshness in cast and the rain backdrop. But sadly Mazhai fails to impress on the whole.

Director Rajkumar and his hero Jayam Ravi has gone overboard by creating scenes that are illogical and unbelievable which ends up as a mess. And projecting Ravi as an action hero beating up hundred people single-handedly a ?la Rambo? is a bit difficult to digest.

The story in a nutshell- Arjun,a happy-go-lucky young unemployed youth and Shylaja (Shriya) falls in love with each other at first sight in a train. She loves rain and the lovers meet each other whenever it rains. A local feudal landlord Deva (Rahul Dev) also takes a fascination for Shylaja and wants to marry her.

Meanwhile the girls father Sundaramoorty (Kalabhavan Mani) is an unscrupulous, greedy, good-for-nothing man who uses Deva to create problems among the love birds and separates them. Sundaramoorthy then flees with his daughter to the city and makes her a heroine!!!

Now Deva?s men kidnap Shailaja and he gets ready to tie the knot with her when our hero comes to save her and after long drawn out fights inside Deva?s fort, jungle, train and finally the ?Ramleela ground? for a gory climax!

Matinee magic? Not quite. The fatal flaw of Mazhai is that the film which starts off promisingly ends up as a heartless love story with action taking the front seat.

The songs tuned by Devi Sri Prasad are all hummable but the director could have avoided shooting most of them inside studio sets unimpressively. All songs are retained from original and the one which is new Kuchikarivadu?? has the Mayaavi hangover.

Almost all characters in the film screech (re-recording & mixing goes awry?) like a pack of hyenas. Ravi has no scope for performance but flexes his muscles and fight thugs throughout like a comic book hero.

Shriya with her hour-glass figure has flaunted it well but the girl somehow lacks screen presence. Kalabhavan Mani as Sundaramoorty for a change does not overdo his role. Rahul Dev gives a restraint performance as Deva and is ok.

At best, Mazhai is a passable time pass fare if you don?t care for logic and reason.

Verdict: Average

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