Meet the 'addicted' couple that inject caffeine into their colons via enemas

Last Updated: Sat, Feb 09, 2013 07:30 hrs

A couple from Florida, have a shocking way to get their coffee fix: through multiple daily enemas - insertion of liquid into their rectum via anus - which they administer to themselves in their home.

Mike and Trina of St. Petersburg told TLC that they are addicted to the process.

The couple, who are set to appear on the season premiere of the network's 'My Strange Addiction,' don't drink coffee but sometimes spend about five hours a day flushing out their colons with fresh-brewed coffee, the New York Daily News reported.

The couple, who have two young kids, work from home, and usually are unable to leave their house for long stretches due to their addiction to coffee enemas.

Trina discovered the bizarre "cure" while she was researching a solution to stomach problems that she'd been having.

Her husband followed her suit and now the couple have been hooked on to it for two years.

Mike told that he has cut back recently, but Trina is still going strong.

Trina said that she loves the way it makes her feel, it gives her a sense of euphoria. (ANI)

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