Meet world's largest saltwater croc Cassius measuring 5.5m

Last Updated: Tue, Feb 12, 2013 11:20 hrs

Just like the boxing legend he is named after, Cassius has regained the title of the biggest saltwater crocodile in captivity.

The previous record holder, who measured 6.17m, died on Sunday in the tiny Filipino village where he had become a major tourist attraction.

A vet rushed to the Agusan del Sur province after the one-tonne beast flipped over with a bloated stomach in its cage in an eco-tourism park in the Philippines.

The croc, blamed for deadly attacks before it was captured in 2011, died a few hours later.

That meant Cassius, a 5.5m saltie who lives in a Queensland croc park, reclaimed his place in the record books, reported.

George Craig, who runs Marineland Melanesia crocodile park on Green Island, off the far north Queensland coast, said of Cassius's rival: "It was a magnificent croc."

Cassius, which Craig believes is about 100 years old, was caught by Northern Territory officers in the Finniss River then sent to a crocodile farm south of Darwin before being taken by truck and ferry by Craig to Green Island 26 years ago. (ANI)

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