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Natty Kumar &Krish Bala
Krish Bala, Anusha, Narayan Sundararajan, Ritu Bhargava, Rani, Suren Vijaykumar,Natty Kumar
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After a long time, this is a movie that is refreshingly fresh and innovative. It is a suspense thriller with some good performances, great cinematography and above all an interesting story and screenplay that keeps you glued till the last frame.

The first Tamil film to be shot fully in the US, Meiporul (The true meaning) is an effort by a group of first timers who are mostly NRIís The US based director Natty himself is directing a full length film for the first time though his father Janakiraman has produced the critically acclaimed Mohamull

The story revolves around Devi (Anusha) who is journalist with Thendral a Tamil magazine in the US, and her neurosurgeon husband Sam ( Krish Bala). Devi rescues a kidnapped kid and the kidnapper is arrested due to her courage that makes her a TV personality overnight.

One day, Sam runs into Gautam aka Raja (Natty) who befriends him in a bar and convinces him that he has ESP and can predict incidents in the future and soon convinces him about his impending death! Sam believes him and writes his will and hands it to his best friend Vishva ( Narayan) who pooh poohs the idea completely.

Sam keeps all this hidden from his wife. But Gautam has also predicted that Sam will die because of his wife, which heightens his agony and the suspense amongst the audience. What happens on the fateful day? The film slowly but surely takes you through this journey and keep you guessing till the end. This is one of the many reasons that make this film worth a watch.

The presentation, locations and cinematography are the highlights. The style is influenced from Hollywood thrillers and the dialogues are in English and Tamil. The actors fit their roles with such ease; you would never guess they are amateurs!

The background score enhances the mood of the film, goes well with the story and adds to the suspense. Some songs are added but they are montages that blend into the story without being the regular song and dance routine.

There is a comedy angle with the introduction of situations involving an Indian actor (Suren) who is visiting the US. Some characters in the film do speak a tad too slowly like Deviís editor and her rival whose dubbing is a bit awry in places. But keeping the first effort of all involved in mind, this is a minor hiccup.

The human element is well portrayed and the friendship of the two couples ( Vishwa and Sam and their partners) is well etched. The film has a certain message in the end which is put across subtly but surely. Meirporul may seem a bit slow in places but overall its worth a look among movies hitting the theatres this week.

Verdict: Good


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