Men hooked to celebrity gossip sites too

Last Updated: Sat, Jan 05, 2013 09:10 hrs

Women may be shocked to learn that their boyfriends or husbands may well know as much about the comings and goings of the Kardashians as they do.

A new study of 2,000 adults found that while women use the internet mostly for Facebook and shopping, men surf for porn, sport and news - including plenty of celebrity gossip, the Daily Mail reported.

While the findings generally fit in around existing traditional gender stereotypes, the start of a shift in roles was also found, with the study finding that the news sites men are accessing aren't limited to sport and hard news: they also now spend as much time as women on celebrity gossip sites.

It was also revealed that one in eight women admit to going online to view adult material each week.

Men are also twice as likely to game online, download more films and watch more than women.

The survey showed just how much adults today are becoming dependent on the internet with men clocking up more than 19 hours a week online and women 14 hours a week.

More than half of those polled admitted they may be "addicted" to the internet.

As many as six in ten people feel they now need the internet to function in their day-to-day life.

Seven in 10 people go as far as to say there is a point where they feel they have to go online if they haven't had access for a while.

Part of this addiction is largely down to social networking, with women the bigger Facebook users, checking five times a day on average.

For their part, men spend longer on Twitter.

The research, which was commissioned by, found that men are four times more likely to access porn or "not safe for work" material.

A fifth of men admitted they delete their browsing history each and every day and 45 percent would panic at the thought of their mother seeing their browsing history.

Men's weekly internet usage (in minutes):

Sending/checking emails 162

News 120

Facebook 99

Gaming 89

Sports Sites 82

Shopping online 80

Streaming films 71

YouTube 57

Twitter 53

Banking 50

Downloading music 47

Porn 44

Other Social Media 32

Celebrity News 26

Women's weekly internet usage (in minutes):

Sending/checking emails 139

Facebook 138

Shopping online 92

News 73

Streaming films 60

Gaming 44

Twitter 38

YouTube 38

Banking 28

Celebrity News 27

Downloading music 24

Other Social Media 22

Sports Sites 13

Porn 11 (ANI)

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