Men name Kelly Brook, Cheryl Cole and Holly Willoughby as (almost) perfect women

Last Updated: Sat, Nov 24, 2012 05:20 hrs

Men may believe the perfect woman doesn't exist, but if they had to name the closest thing to it, the female celebrities they believe come near to perfection are Kelly Brook, Cheryl Cole and Holly Willoughby, a study has revealed.

The three stars topped a list of so-called perfect celebrity women in a study carried out by Remington, the Daily Mail reported.

The men had been quizzed on their perfect woman - with eight in 10 confessing they didn't think this fabled woman existed.

However, when pushed, the men named Brook as their number one girl.

Petite yet curvy Girls Aloud star Cole came in second, while voluptuous Holly Willoughby was placed third.

For women with curves who endure a lifetime of dieting and self-loathing in a quest to be ever thinner, the results will be a real confidence boost.

But while women starve themselves to look more like Karlie Kloss, with her visible rib cage and protruding collar bones, men are lusting after Willoughby with her girl-next-door curves and ample bosom, Cole's petite but shapely physique and Brook's stunning figure. (ANI)

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