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Write your review of Kandasamy

The slick Kandasamy is out and we`d like to know if you loved Vikram the superhero or hated the film totally. Write your review and tell us.


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Posted By: Shehara On:26/03/2010
''Kandasamy ''movie is a very spontaneous movie. I love it very much. It gives all of us an advice and it revealed all the truth about those ministers who had black money with them and it was a very good idea to give those money to poor people. Cool and AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!. LOVE YOU VIKRAM.
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Posted By: mani On:07/10/2009
sify review is not correct. Kandasamy is very boring movie. I dont beleive that this movie has collected 37 crores from the first week. All the scenes are already seen in older movies like anniyan, sivaji, ramana. And i could not understand what is going on in the movie, very poor naration. Why these people wasted their 2 years and crores of money in doing this kind of movie ? I expected more before i see this movie, but i am not satisfied for even 20%. Verum build-up-a mattum vachchu oru dabba padatha oda vaikka mudiyathu. Athu thalaivar rajini-yala mattumthan mudiyum.
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Posted By: Madhu On:05/10/2009
A talented actor should be carefull in future while picking movies like this. I am quiet surprised when Sify Wrote, PAISA VASOOL. Infact it is PAISA LOOSE. It was a miserable movie. I can bet that Susi Ganesh will try as a hero pretty soon
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Posted By: ram On:29/09/2009
its the blend of sivaji, ramana, anniyan. the screenplay had full of holes and too long.better luck next movie susi.n.k.ekambarams camera and devi sri prasads music are good. the only man take charge the whole film is chiyaan. finally its a commercial entertainment extragavanza.
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Posted By: Rangarajan On:23/09/2009
vikram wasted two years.. because for this movie no need vikramm.. totally the concept of the movie is not acceptable.. want to say lots and lots of negative comments but sorry... sorry susi... better luck next time..
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Posted By: bharathiraja On:20/09/2009
why chiyan comitted this movie whether he watched ramana and shivaji or othervwise he only saw his film only? i cantunderstand that how this fil collection wise 58 crore with in a week my respect to mr.dhanu but even though he never ask the storyliny to susi
hereafter dont play another mony susi my kind request
if you want to become a no1 director means choose a good story
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Posted By: L.Krishnamoorthy On:18/09/2009
Third class movie. it is pure wastage of money. These money can be invested in agriculural atleast we can avoid importing dals . Sugi , atleast you would have settled in your life. Thanks to producer. I request Kalai puli , pls do not trust these idoid and DVD copywriter director sugi you are useless any way you would have minted money.
How dare and without shame you copy others movies
yes for one tiket you have shown 5 movies.
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Posted By: Shirley On:04/09/2009
Disappointnig movie...feel very sorry for time he should choose a good director..shreya pls quit acting..we cant take children to movies anymore
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