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Chetan Bhagat - villain or victim?

Is the author of Five Point Someone publicity hungry - like Aamir Khan says - or did the makers of 3 Idiots give Bhagat a raw deal? Tell us


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Posted By: gopi On:02/02/2010
Victim. makers of 3 idiots cheats him. Chetan, we r with u. @least Aamir should ask sorry. I had more respect on him.
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Posted By: Monika On:23/01/2010
It is hard to say that whether Chetan Bhagat is a villian or a victim but yes, after reading his interview it feels the author has not got the credit he deserved.I have read the novel & also seen the movie and i can draw similarities between them.Yet the story line is different.I think if the director would have not changed the story from the novel then the movie would not have been such a huge hit.But still Chetan Bhagat should get the credit he deserves for atleast giving a rough script to Hirani.He is not a villian
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Posted By: NIsha On:20/01/2010
Chetan Bhagat id correct. he is fighting for his rights. Makers of 3 idiots are trying to cheat him.
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Posted By: Hari Krishnan On:20/01/2010
Chetan Bhagat - villain or victim?

What was the actual need for the question? You just read the book. It was one of the books which drive me crazy... Amir getting top marks in the class doesnt change the whole story, which was written by CB. Ask Amir to read the book first, Why these people always playing Cheap games. Chetan Bhagat Should be honored. And Finally Amir DON'T BE SUCH A S**T HEAD. There are other people with brain out there.......
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Posted By: Rakesh On:07/01/2010
When Amir says that he told Chetan in Bangalore that he hasn't read the book - He is lying thru his teeth. Can someone believe that the basic theme of the movie mathces the book and Amir says that he hasn't read the book. Amir is a cheap actor.
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Posted By: choure arvind On:07/01/2010
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Posted By: xx On:07/01/2010
raw deal
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Posted By: MR Murthy On:06/01/2010
Chetan Bhagat is certainly the Victim. Amir Khan is the Villain.

The film's basic story line is taken straight out of the book, though according to Amir Khan,
"Abhijat and Rajkumar Hirani have worked on this script for three years.". I wonder what they worked for 3 years as the book & the film are very much similar.
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Posted By: Anand On:06/01/2010
Ofcourse Chetan Bhagat is a victim. I have read the book and also I have seen the movie. Anyone can make out the similarities of between the two.
By claiming that 3 Idiots story is original, Aamir Khan is saying that readers and viewers are stupid.
Bollywood movies are very well known for copying stories, music and some well known scenes from all over the world, I feel bad that a inteligent person Aamir Khan(whom I always admired) has also joined the gang of theives and proved that all bollywood people know is stealing.
Chetan Bhagat story is original and whatever Aamir Khan might say or think no one can deny that 3 idiots is stolen from Bhagat's book.
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Posted By: Anuj On:06/01/2010
Chetan is a victim - Amir has not read his book but still says that the film is entirely different from the books - on what grounds...heresay only... may because he does not want to give due credit and more it is due. Vidhu chopra...don't even want to talk about him after seeing what he did in TV...
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