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Speak up for Shah Rukh Khan

King Khan`s upset. And he is tweeting. His message is clear: ``my integrity in non negotiable... my being Indian unquestionable``. We understand. We empathise. We support. We say: screen My Name is Khan!


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Posted By: HAROON On:07/09/2010
Great thinhg SRK please keep it up your spirit. we are all wit you. In-sha -ALLAH you will always win.
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Posted By: zafar On:05/08/2010
Shahrukh I dont like you ...........

But its good to see that you have stood up against idiocricy of Shiv Sena and MNS
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Posted By: Shehara On:25/03/2010
Don't worry SRK. Be brave at this moment because you have done a very good film and that is MNIK. As you know it is an international hit though the Indian people are not much interested about it ,but the people who know that you are right and good will always be pleased with your talents and hard work.Especially your fans. If you be upset your family and your fans also will be sad. Okay now CHEER UP!! I ask you to do more films with Kajol but if you and your family like but keep this in your mind that i'm your biggest fan though you lose or win the match of life. Love you a lot.
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Posted By: abdr On:06/03/2010
i love you
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Posted By: Pharmf402 On:23/02/2010
Hello! edbkccd interesting edbkccd site!
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Posted By: shazia On:23/02/2010
you are an amazing actor and human ::)
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Posted By: Jai On:23/02/2010
Dear Shah rukh ,
Please dont feel bad about all these stupid things. all we indians are with you. We believe that you are more indian than any of ussss.......
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Posted By: Saim On:21/02/2010
Shah Rukh we love you, your humbleness, politeness and charm. And as long as Amir is trying his best to bribe media, what to say about him. Everyone knows about him what he has done to his brother, so, far to speak of you dear. GOD is really great and HE will help you agains some????????
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Posted By: Prem On:18/02/2010
We are with you srk,u rock man v r waitin for ur nxt flick in in all theatres world wide...............
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Posted By: Namrata Yadav On:18/02/2010
There is nothing to be sorry about u dng grt job n you rock !!
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