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Should SRK be banned from Wankhede?

Pending an enquiry, an interim decision has been made to impose a life ban on King Khan after last night's fiasco at the Wankhede stadium.

Is it right to make SRK a benchmark for other celebrities on what is unacceptable behaviour? Or, should SRK be excused?

Let us know right here!


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Posted By: Khalid On:20/05/2012
Support SRK,such a small issue made big b media. from the players to crowd, they abuse all the time even if ther fav. players miss a bal for six or four runs. Get a life, if they had to insult shiv sena ppl the stadium would be burnt (Now they are tlking about ethics lol)
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Posted By: geetha menon On:20/05/2012
yes. If he had come drunk he should be banned for life or atleast for a very long period. Just because he has money and is a star celebrity he should not think he can do anything.Moreover he is a very arrogant person.I believe what the security personnel have said.By banning him this incident should be a benchmark for other celebrities also that they cannot do what they want just because they are stars and have money power.I do not believe that security personnel misbehaved with his children.No one would have dared to, all the more, since the children are celebrity children. Investigation should be conducted into this incident;he should have been immediately sent for an alcohol test, and then all this hulla-bulla would not have taken place;truth would have been known then and there
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Posted By: prakashraaz On:20/05/2012
He won't go to the stadium anyway...
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Posted By: joseph On:20/05/2012
if he saying he lost his temper due to manhandling of children he must be excused
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Posted By: SANJAY BORAH On:19/05/2012
SRK incident is a small co-incidence, a matter which can be avoided easily , BUT KOLKATA BEAT MUMBAI at wankhade is unavoidable to vilasrao desmukh and his companion ,
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Posted By: Eddie On:19/05/2012
. He is a big CHichorra
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Posted By: shree On:19/05/2012
yes ban him and set a good example
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Posted By: balasubramanian n v On:19/05/2012
should be banned for lifetime.
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Posted By: UK On:19/05/2012
Yes , as It is proved beyond any doubt that he was drunk & has used uncultured language.
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Posted By: anup On:19/05/2012
Definitely. It is time these so called 'superstars" realized that they are just ordinary guys in real life.
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