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Should SRK be punished for his curiosity

Shah Rukh Khan is back in the midst of controversy. This time he's in trouble for finding out the sex of his unborn child.

The actor and his wife Gauri are having their third child through surrogacy and, reportedly, Shah Rukh conducted a sex determination test to find out the baby is a boy.

We understand how curious SRK can be, but knowing that determining the sex of an unborn child is illegal in India, should he have indulged his whim?

Should Shah Rukh be punished? Or can we write it off as stupidity?


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Posted By: bharatvasi On:19/06/2013
Isnt he a citizen of India ? If he is he should be behind bars subjected to his having been said so.Some of our spoliled brtaes need dsciplining . He is one of them.
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Posted By: Aslee Hindustani On:18/06/2013
Will SRK miss vigeies and wine in heaven after death??? or will he go to hell for this crime???only mullahs can tell us! By the by where is this hevan folks???in another planet?has any one seen flying coffins going to heaven&flying virgies going to heavn folks??? or is it under the earth???are these beief meant ONLY for morrons folks???
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Posted By: anant On:18/06/2013
who cares.
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Posted By: N.K.GANESHAN On:18/06/2013
If Public Opinion matters, why law is there. All case's be put for public opinion.....
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Posted By: Osho On:18/06/2013
Ofcourse.. he is not above the law..... such a hypocrite..
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Posted By: shivakumar On:18/06/2013
If the child type detection is banned in India it is applicable for every one in India, If he has done it is a mistake and must be punished as per law
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Posted By: Asutosh On:18/06/2013
Sharukh should be punished
he is not above the Law
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Posted By: bokka On:18/06/2013
who is worried. Its his kid..let him enjoy..he didn't kill or take idiotic decision...
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Posted By: DIGANT DARU On:18/06/2013
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Posted By: xmart On:18/06/2013
srk should be sentenced to death for treason as he is known to be close to dawood , so any other offence he does is of no consequence.
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