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Posted By: vamshi krishna On:23/06/2008
my name is vamshi,khamalhasan my big favuorite.bharatheyudu film is very good acting,and now 10 roles very amzing i hope oscaraward to give her.and muisc higlight,asin brhamin acting very nice,and direction also.castumes very good,etc.
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Posted By: anonymous On:23/06/2008
No need for Reviews for this movie - dont waste your time like Kamal has done - people who think that this is a great movie has serious mental disorder - please check a psychiatrist!!
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Posted By: sathmoor On:23/06/2008
kamal shud act, but shud not write story & screen play
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Posted By: RAJNIROX On:23/06/2008
Earlier I used to think that the tamil ppl were mostly rajni fans,and the remaining few were fans of kamal,vijay ,ajith etc.But after seeing Kamal fans suddenly rising in numbers in the comments section,after the poor review given to dasa by sify,and by seeing the no. of ppl watching dasa in mumbai theatres,I am forced to change my opinion.Cmon ppl,we have to admit that Kamal is probably the best actor we have in India.This is seen by dasa's record-breaking collections.
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Posted By: aravind On:23/06/2008
think lot of people got carried away by the 10 roles and did not understand what he is trying to convey.
He unfolds the theme of the movie after the 12th century episode,He tells about "chaos theory and takes every body on a journey for 3 hours and unfolds all the characters in the movie.
We should appreciate his valiant effort of giving a new dimension to Indian cinema for bringing a global subject into limelight.

We cannot write just for the sake of writing. We need to understand the work they have put for the movie and the pains they have taken to give us such a good movie.
I see that you have mentioned that lot of characters unnecessary.
I don't understand why you all feel like that.
He has experimented something new considering the subject he has chosen is completely different for our Indian audience.
With out these 10 roles would you feel whether this movie would have such a great expectations?
If he had taken this movie as normal one nobody would have bothered to be a
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Posted By: M B On:22/06/2008
A good plot, with some many valuable messages, executed with lot of attention to some details, and gaping holes in a lot others. If only Kamalahasan had resisted the tempation of acting in so many roles, he could have avoided the overuse of make-up, and saved the film from such non-human looking characters. There is a scene in the move where a police officer's sub-ordinate talks highly of the number of languages his boss could speak, which is humorous because that topic is irrelevant when the survial of the human race is at stake. The same is true of the movie where the skill and talents of kamalahasan's have been emphasized to the detriment of the movie itself. Unfortunately this is not funny for it has ruined what could have turned out to be a really great movie.
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Posted By: srignadiram On:22/06/2008
It is not possible for tamil viewers to review a movie on the basis of sheer positive and negative aspects.It is evident from the review of RKPillai,some Munusamy,and Raja.True this is not perfect movie like some of the previous kamal movies.At the sametime the story line is completely new to the tamil and in fact Indian movie. The efforts taken for each role not only in changing make up but bringing the body language required for characters are apprcible.The picturisation of 12th century and climax scenes are commandable.This movie is appreciated all over the place and created a record for south Indian movies in UK in collecting 1 cror in 4 days and is doing well in US.Spoked to my friend in far SOUTh tailnadu and is doing well in B and C centers as well.As people love the first 25 min picturisation it draws repeat audience.The request is that iF you can not provide unbiased review don't post your comments just stay away.
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Posted By: RKPillai On:22/06/2008
Pitifully trying too hard to be somebody when he is a nobody.A mockery to the tamil movie industry.Please don't make indians look like a fool in the future.
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Posted By: Munusamy On:22/06/2008
Munusamy - Real story. Munusamy is a stone breaker- Kal thacchar - earns average of Rs750 perweek. His wife is a house maid - velaikari. They have 3 children. Munusamy shared his experience.
Sir keshtapattu endha vaaram pondaati pullainga kooda dasavatharam ponnen sir. Nan moonu pullainga aanaparum kudikkaratha kooda kammipanniten sir. naan erndu varuzhatela ellorayum ittukinu parthathe nalu padam thaan.
23aam pulikesi, sivaji,vel,dasavatharam. en pondatti enna asinga asingama thitura. kozhandaigalukku chicken - mutton aakiyirukalam - prombokku endha padatthuku ittukinu poyidichunra. manasu bejaara iruuku sir paavingavayithula adichutannunga.

The point I want to make is there are so many Munusamy vayiruerrunju veetukku poona whose fault it is. Please understand a poverty common man feelings. This movie will ever remain with hurted feeling forever in munusamy mind.
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Posted By: raja On:22/06/2008
Dasavatharam: The movie started first week extremely weel. In second week the movie collections drastically dropping down nearly 64 percent only 36 percent collection is recorded. Source: Daily news - Looks like
Dasavatharm started running out of theatres in many places, not in theatres.
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