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Has Aamir insulted SRK

Has Aamir insulted SRK by claiming that his dog 'Shah Rukh' licks his feet?


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Posted By: madhan On:17/05/2008
Hellow friends ,If an American president can name his pet dog as India why not Amir name his pet as sharuk .There is no big deal naming dogs.If we indians dont care about a dog being called India but got arouse for just calling a dog as sharuk.I think we are some where very basically wrong .Think again .friends .
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Posted By: riya chakraborty On:17/05/2008
There is no doubt that amir is jealous about SRK's popularity, spclly after d success of Kolkata Knoght Rider's in IPL..this is nothing but cheap publicity...shame on amir khan.
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Posted By: Judy On:17/05/2008
There is one sick puppy in the house that's for sure and it's name is Aamir. Lowhanded way to get noticed. You're no friend of SRK's and that was no joke.Aamir is just a short big eared ugly faced nothing special two bit actor who is so insecure he has to throw public fits to get any notice these days.
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Posted By: Vinod On:17/05/2008
Shahrukh is a very hard worker and I admire his abilitie4s to juggle so many different things like the cricket team, TV show, doing ads and mainly his movies. He pulled himself up by the bootstraps with no connections in the industry. Aamir calling his a dog which I read ON HIS BLOG was just plain sick. Just shows you how desperate he is to get attention. Like a bully he just attacks the person who is at the top but he is the one with mud all over himself now.
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Posted By: Smita Jog On:17/05/2008
As an animal lover I will never allow my dear dog whether Shah Rukh or any other to lick my feet. Show some love at least to a dog.
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Posted By: aarish On:17/05/2008
AAmir is always the best & if anyone look into SRK JOKEs you will really find how vulgar obsene & humiliating it is & un ethical..On the hand I think people in the media cant read english otherwise they would have found the meaning what AAMIR has written in his blog

SO Guys please read it again carefully..

I will again say that actuallly DOG IS called DOg :::and AAmir should have written the breed of Dog also::-)
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Posted By: aarish On:17/05/2008
SEE what SRK have cracked the joke """ki amar singh ki ankho me darindgi nazer aati hai ....What does this mean ..It means Amar singh is balatkari
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Posted By: aarish On:17/05/2008
A dog is called Dog.NO NEWS Its just a reality.On the other hand AAMir is far bigger than SRK in all aspects ...He literally dont mean it atleast it was better joke than what SRK has cracked in filmfare awards for eg::Critcs are said ki ""Inki MAa ki bahenki """ko slam"".It is same like that u r saying ki tumhari maa ki chooo.....diyon ki khanak se mere baaap toot A dog is called DOg No News.
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Posted By: yatin On:17/05/2008
no not at all yaar its a coincident dat his dog name is shah rukh as we have a dog name sinran dat does mean dat v are insulting simran actreaa ok .
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Posted By: Aziz On:17/05/2008
This was no joke. They are not really friends. When are they ever pictured together? They have made no movie together. They don't talk about getting together with each other when they give interviews to reporters unless this type of cr-- comes up. Aamir did a bad thing and if you read his blog you can see him hang himself with his own words.
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