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Is Suraj to blame for Jiah Khan suicide?

The police has arrested Suraj Pancholi. Jiah Khan's mother is tweeting about his 'guilt'. And now, every lurid detail of his relationship with Jiah is public knowledge.

But we should ask ourselves: is Suraj really to be blamed for Jiah Khan's suicide?

After all, he didn't hand Jiah the dupatta she hanged herself with. She made that desperate choice all by herself - one most of us would never make.

So tell us, is there any one we can truly blame?


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Posted By: Mihir Ramkrishna On:12/06/2013
No Suraj should not be blamed. In the present day set up when we are talking about women being self reliant and independent come what may Jiah Khan should not have taken this drastic step. This goes on to prove that Jiah was not Strong mentally and hence she buckled easily to take such a step. Jiah should have taken on the adversities and not have this escapist mentality
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Posted By: surinder On:12/06/2013
Suraj Pancholi, is totally responsible for the suicide of Jiah Khan, As because as per her letter he falsely promised her that he will marry her and after having physical relation with her for a long time and which resulted to her pregnant and she had to abort the baby with great pain. So he should be held responsible for her death and thus he should be harshly punished so that other man should not do such thing to any girl.

Court should punish him for his act of cruelty to her, thus to teach a lesson to such types of boys.
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Posted By: Neeta Shetty On:12/06/2013
Suraj Pancholi is definitely to be blamed in this case, as he was physically abusive with her and treated her badly. Her suicide letter mentions how Suraj used to ignore her . surely there may have been many more such instances for her to take such a drastic step. Suicide rarely take places because of a one off incident.
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Posted By: VA On:12/06/2013
He should be punished [May be not up to murder]as he is the main reason.Enjoy with a Girl only with responsibility as they have to carry a child etc. Men as free birds should not be 100% free.
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Posted By: Harish L On:12/06/2013
It may not be right on anybody's part to blame only one side. All has obviously happened in confluence as such blaming one would be inappropriate. People should be made to learn more about Morality and Humanity in the present social condition which is the result of westranisation. One should be taught to pick and choose the good values in life.
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Posted By: Nitin On:12/06/2013
No certainly not. Suraj shouldn't be the only one responsible. Rabiya Khan too is equally party to it. As a mother what was had been happy for the relationship till date. (Despite all the details which are coming out now) She was totally aware of this and kept quite till now. Point regarding "rape" I guess this is highly subjective. Its Jiah version that its a rape. She olone knew what it was in actual.
Accusing someone by sucide note is not a right appraoch. If this was the case our dear prime minisiter " Mr Manmohan SIngh" would be in jail for very long time. e.g. Imagine the plight of farmers in Mahastra every day close 10 people perform suicide as they are burdoned by the economic crisis. In macro sense who is responsible for this mess ? It our prime minister for the economic and agricultre policies.

I prey that some basic sense shoudl prevail before calling someone as responsible.
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