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Will Kandasamy rock?

Vikram-starrer Kandasamy releases in theatres this week after weeks of delays. Will the movie live up to the hype and become the biggest hit of 2009?


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Posted By: aravind On:22/08/2009
no... it doesnt stand to the hype it created...
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Posted By: ramesh On:21/08/2009
2009 best actor awrds surely to "chiyan". biggest hit in the 2009.
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Posted By: aaa On:21/08/2009
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Posted By: satya On:21/08/2009
of course tat movie wil rock in teaters al over te te best vikram...vikram alwiz te best of te best...
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Posted By: ezhilmaran On:20/08/2009
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Posted By: Arunshori On:20/08/2009
Yes... It will rock sure...
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Posted By: Rudizoqewot On:20/08/2009
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Posted By: dsereterteew On:20/08/2009
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Posted By: jesima On:19/08/2009
sure it will be a block buster..all the best vikram and shreya and all the crew in this project
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Posted By: Venkatesh On:19/08/2009
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