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Is it right to ban Vishwaroopam?

Kamal Haasan's ambitious Vishwaroopam has run into trouble again. Slapped with a 15-day ban in Tamil Nadu on the basis that it portrays Muslims in an unfair manner, the film's release has been further delayed.

What do you think will be the impact of this ban on the film?


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Posted By: Keith Lobo On:27/01/2013
it is not right to ban the movie. the movie should be watched as entertainment. take the good and leave the bad if any.. there will be a huge loss for the producers., fans are deprived of seeing their idol on screen
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Posted By: mohan On:27/01/2013
tamil natil viswarobathai release sei
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Posted By: nitin On:26/01/2013
Not fair to ban the movie....anyways the controversy n ban will increase the anticipation.
These people should go bite the Poonam pandey and Rakhee sawant and leave the legends alone.
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Posted By: ikamarajan On:26/01/2013
Thalaiva i am going to watch visvaroopam in ameria . India is not demoagrative country please we leave this corruption country

My god only kamal kamal kamal kamal
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Posted By: nikhimenon On:26/01/2013
Conclusion:What the 'Vishwaroopam Ban' teaches us!
1.Banning of Movies,books and creative art forms owing to the pressure by certain unconstitutional bodies is something that has been existing in India since 'The Satanic verses' days.Even Tamil Nadu has it's own history of banning movies.However unauthorised bans on inoffensive manifestations of creative expression and growing levels of religious intolerance in our country is something which should be curbed at the earliest.
2.Majority of Muslims In India are peace loving people who don't want to create un necessary issues in the name of religion.However the deliberate attempts by a small section of extremists to create communal tension and disharmony in the country should be condemned by straight minded people of this country belonging to all religions.
3.Vote bank politics might be a short cut to momentary electoral gains.But short sightedness from the
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Posted By: luke On:26/01/2013
the ban of viswaroopam shows there is many negative thinker muslims in the world than positive thinkers....
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Posted By: raj On:25/01/2013
When will the sutpid people learn this is enertainment.
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Posted By: Baskaran On:25/01/2013
it is ridiculous and without watching the movie it should not be banned

it is being censored then there is no need banned the movie if it so there should not censor board
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Posted By: hari On:25/01/2013
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Posted By: Ravikumar On:25/01/2013
It is very sad to know that we've missed to watch opening show at bangalore. This ban is politically motivated and Kamal sir not asked for conversion of any community members. Then why is this ban??????????
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