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Should SRK be banned from Wankhede?

Pending an enquiry, an interim decision has been made to impose a life ban on King Khan after last night's fiasco at the Wankhede stadium.

Is it right to make SRK a benchmark for other celebrities on what is unacceptable behaviour? Or, should SRK be excused?

Let us know right here!


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Posted By: PRAKASH On:18/05/2012
SRK should b banned.. he s not worth of anything...
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Posted By: Paatu On:17/05/2012
Yes, he should be banned. He is one of the most arrogant, egoistic, money-minded, shallow persons in the entertainment industry. He should be taught a lesson to treat everyone with respect, not just act fakely on camera like a humble person. Not to mention the usual murkiness in the film industry he is infamous for.
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Posted By: Mr Shailesh Pandya On:17/05/2012
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Posted By: janardhan On:17/05/2012
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Posted By: nizam On:17/05/2012
NO , Because Some Reasons Have Some Reasons.
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Posted By: Tushar Mohapatra On:17/05/2012
SRK you are not GOD...Your arrogance .. Be grounded...Be Human..

Learn it fron BIG B....the minum you can do..
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Posted By: Raj On:17/05/2012
SRK is a idol and this kind of irresponsible behaviour is not expected from him. In past one year he has done it three times and he is doing it again and again because he has been excused everytime. He is creating a wrong benchmark for the other celebraties. He should be banned so he will remember it.
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Posted By: Django On:17/05/2012
It is only Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka, Billionaire Vadera to be banned from India...Not SRK...
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Posted By: Indian On:17/05/2012
Only SRK part is publicised...We do not know what wankade stadium security guards did to provoke SRK...By banning SRK from Wankade stadium, there is nothing to lose for SRK...only Medias Rajdeeps sardesais, bharka dutts would make money in useless chat shows with SRK as subject
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Posted By: ash On:17/05/2012
why only Wankheda. He should be banned from INDIA.
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