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Is it right to ban Vishwaroopam?

Kamal Haasan's ambitious Vishwaroopam has run into trouble again. Slapped with a 15-day ban in Tamil Nadu on the basis that it portrays Muslims in an unfair manner, the film's release has been further delayed.

What do you think will be the impact of this ban on the film?


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Posted By: ashok kmp On:25/01/2013
definitely not.. its all politics i think. pretty ruthless to do such thing to kamal, one of india,s finest film maker.
ban could be a bad impact as like the ban made by TN govt on DAM 999, didnt cleared even by the supreme court. so lets hope.
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Posted By: Loganathan On:25/01/2013
It is ridiculous to ban the movie. We feel this is NOT a democratic country.
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Posted By: Venkat Raman On:25/01/2013
It is about time we started seeing movies with quality and stop looking at everything in the wrong way. They did the same for thever magan and virumandi. both turned out with nothing objectionable. Give the quality film makers their freedom.
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Posted By: K R Anandagopalan On:24/01/2013
No. Ban of the film fearing law and order situation by Muslims itself proves that Muslims are terrorists. Kamalahassan deserves a better treatment from TN Govt. But why the Tamil film industry and theatre owners are silent? But Kamal should recall in how many films he has insulted Hindu Gods - because he does not believe in God.
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Posted By: loges On:24/01/2013
saw the movie yest in KL, Nothing sensitive to be banned, IT is what it is, the truth about sleeper cells.
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Posted By: Mani On:24/01/2013
ban is injustice to kamal. As he correctly pointed out this is cultural terrorism. After 3 sensor board(tamil, telugu, hindi) cleared, it means this film doesn't have any evil message to spread.
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Posted By: jayaraman On:24/01/2013
it's a total injustice.kamal is just showing what is happening in the world.the talibans are really barbarians.the same thing happened with thuppaki.the people who oppose this film are not redy to accept the truth.
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Posted By: Swathy On:24/01/2013
As a creator he has his all rights.No communal group should stop it from being screened.Its a heavy budget film and it should not be banned for not satisfying one communal group..Its unethical.
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Posted By: venkatesh On:24/01/2013
It's not fair to do such things. These muslim organization can oppose any low budge movies where a new actor criticize muslim community. They do this against top actors to get attention.
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Posted By: Sandeep On:24/01/2013
It is indeed sad to hear the film is banned, as I am hardcore fan of Kamal got tickets for 7 am show. The people who have asked to ban the film would have approached him when he was avaiable in chennai and not when he left to Los Angels. This is affect the revenue of the film since now the money is refunded twice and third time i doubt people will book tickets for the movie.
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