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Dasavatharam vs Sivaji

Will Dasavatharam be a bigger hit than Sivaji?


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Posted By: Eshwar On:27/07/2008
Good joke guys are comparing Dasa with Subramanipuram ..ahahahah I can understand your feelings. But I think better see Kuselan first and then try to think if the film could be atleast 25 % sensible film of Subramaniypuram
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Posted By: Shiva On:27/07/2008
Guys ...don't be crazy and don't continue to sing the same old song of Sivaji...whatever so called record you guys have claimed to be achieved is already been overturned and reached unscalable heights by Dasa. Probably until Dasa, Sivaji was a trend setter for collection but my dear friends its no more. Truth is thruth however bitter it may be. Better get the truth from Sathyam and Mayajaal theatres owners who (Sathyam Owner) have to say that in its history of 40 plus years this is the only film which made collections which no other film can even imagine.
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Posted By: lawrence On:27/07/2008
i just wab add, pls stop compare Dasavatharam and Sivaji. Kamal was Universal Hero. Rajini just Super Star. Home Kamal wont national Awards for Dasa. its nice movie. Sivaji just Big budget movie but never reach world class standard movie. Dasa hav reach tht standard. Kamal never depend on Director, music, heroin, ect. if u look at sivaji, still depend on AR Rahman Music, Shankar's creativity, Vivek comedy, Sexy!!!! Shreya, ans most importan the villain Suman. without them is tht movie will sucsess on BO. just stop ctitic Dasa. Dont compare Dasavatharam with local standard movie also dont compare with Kuselan.
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Posted By: sss On:26/07/2008
Dasavatharam has made more than 150 crores in 44 days but sivaji made only 90-100 crores after a dragging run on 100 days. Many thetres were empty after 20 days of release and made loss to the distributors and had complaints. But Dasa gives profit to any one and it continues to do it. Noone can hide it. Truth is truth
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Posted By: pavan On:26/07/2008
dont compare between rajni and kamal. they two were legends of film industry. ofcourse in collections sivaji creating a world record dasavataram cannot reach the record. but dasavataram is also a wonderful movie. ok leave it. next wait for rajni's kuselan .
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Posted By: antony On:25/07/2008
dasa can never beat sivaji since for 100days no ther film was able to catch the no 1 positio.but dasavataram is loosing to small players like subramaniapuram.and the film is likely to be removed in 75% of the theatres on 31 july due the release of please dont compare it with sivaji to make it big.kamal can never beat rajni.those days are over.
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Posted By: FAIR On:25/07/2008
POOJA - u are 100% Right....
After Rajni there are Vijai & Ajit
After Kamal... no body even close.....
What a loss for tamil industry.....
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Posted By: pooja On:24/07/2008
Yes ! It is obvious that Dasaavatharam clearly emerged as a winner without any compeition from Shivaji except the First week of the releases. Really it is a Jackpot for the producer of the film DASA as he himself released on his own taking huge risks. Atlast it paid-off. Keep up the good work Dr. Kamalhassan and show the whole world that you are one of a kind in this century.......
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Posted By: Technically what On:24/07/2008
Sify says in its review that Dasa is technically bad. Shyam Benegal, the most world acclaimed Indian director after Satyajit Ray, surely knows a thing or two better than Sify on technical mastery over celluloid. He says Kamal has a technique which is very different from others;
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Posted By: Shyam Benegal On:23/07/2008
Shyam Benegal, the world acclaimed Indian director after Satyajit Ray, says that Film society movement made a difference in Kerala. He further adds that, in Tamil Nadu, Kamal Haasan has a technique which is very different from others;
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