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Posted By: Entertainer On:10/07/2008
Dasa is 100% entertainer and can be enjoyed with the whole family, kids and elders all liked it.
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Posted By: Radhika On:10/07/2008
Very Very boring except for the Ist half hour. I just felt when I can come out of the theatre. No storyline at all.

From a fan of Kamal.
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Posted By: Enter your Name On:10/07/2008
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Posted By: Sujatha On:10/07/2008
Yes the makeups were shabby...a little disappointing to believe it was hollywood standards,..Granted..Asin running with an Idol to create the comedy effect was annoying at times...but yet what a lot more the story had to offer ! Sify pls stop writing such reviews..If you did not understand the movie ..too bad ! But dont say the movie lacks story cause if an attempt at new dimension cinema is a waste then are u prepared to sit and watch hip shakes and boy running around trees for girls for another 20 yrs ???? Be it Chaos theory or the brilliant and relentless effort from Kamal or the simple message that GOD helps those who help themselves the movie is an incredible master piece !
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Posted By: Indiaglitz On:09/07/2008
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Posted By: Rajni and Kamal the best On:09/07/2008
Kamal and Rajni are the best. People like their films, even if they do unbelievable heroic films. The heros of present generation are kids, no one will watch them unless it is a well directed script.
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Posted By: sakthi On:09/07/2008
Now into the movie. There are shots, where 3 or more characters of Mr. Kamal interact with each other. (not to mention a shot which took 20 days where Mr. Kamal kicks Mr.Kamal!!)Though, you might get slightly bored during the half hour just before the intermission, the events after the intermission are enough and more to pull you back into the movie. Especially, the Tsunami Sequence is the best. Perfectly shot sequence. Also there are some Hollywood-class Car Chases including Choppers (which are a rare thing in Indian Cinemas).Overall, I recommend this movie. Be proud that this happened in Indian Cinema.Thank You. (I've not mentioned any incident/event so as not to spoil the thrill. It has to be experienced).
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Posted By: Sakthi On:09/07/2008
(First of all, I'm not a Fanboy) How could a movie in which One Man In Ten Roles be bad/not good?I agree that, the story line is not that strong as we expected. It has got only a basic thread (but) onto which the ten characters have been BEAUTIFULLY interlaced.The Movie is a VISUAL TREAT (100%). It is worth the money you pay for.
If you want to experience the full thrill of the movie, don't read any summaries/synopsis nor read about the Ten Characters of Mr. Kamal in the film. If you've read about those different characters before watching the movie, You've already missed a great part of the thrill.Some characters of him, (I'm not mentioning since it has to be experienced) are SO PERFECT that you'll take time to convince your mind that it's Mr. Kamal itself.
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Posted By: Sivaji The Loss On:09/07/2008
Sivaji The Loss.... Kamal does not need Shankar for direction, ARR for music, Vivek for Comedy and Punch dialogs to fool fans... Kamal is ONE MAN INDUSTRY!!!
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Posted By: Kamal The Boss On:09/07/2008
Dasa shows that Kamal, when he makes entertainers, the movies will be sure fire hits. In VV, he just had one heroic opening song, which itself was enough for the fans to make it a big hit. Now, Dasa is breaking records left, right and center. If he continues to make masala films (which are yet different from others), he will dethrone everyone and will be the MEGA SUPER STAR for decades.
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