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Posted By: ashok On:08/07/2008
funny to see reviews like "no story". it is most times common with movies of mega star like kamal that the movie revolves around the star and not the storyline. the winner here is the concept of ten roles, and the way the ten roles are screenplayed. it is for the very reason all of us were so eager to watch the movie, and watched it. audience anxiety becomes hype, and if the movie caters to 50% of the hype it is a super hit. thats the case with dasavatharam. it is a super hit just for the star, and not the first time this happens in indian cinema.
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Posted By: Distributors On:07/07/2008
Distributors say they lost heavily in Sivaji but recovered due to Dasa: Read these links:
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Posted By: Dasa Rules BO On:07/07/2008
Check this week collections: While Kuruvi and Santhosh have struggled to touch 3 Crores in more than 10 weeks, Dasavatharam has already collected more than 6 Crores just in 3 weeks. Behindwoods says that with near stampede crowd during weekends, Dasa dominance is expected to continue for a few more weeks.
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Posted By: raymond On:07/07/2008
Yes, of course. Dasavatharam has already crossed 100 Crores in less than 3 weeks. In case of Sivaji, it is well known that many distributors did not even recover what they paid to the producers. There is no such unhappy distributors in the case of Dasa. Everyone involved is making huge pots of money.
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Posted By: victor On:07/07/2008
i saw this move a week ago. there was no coherence between the 10 characters. it was like watching "dus kahaniyan" movie as individual and separate movies. but the acting was simply superb. the effort taken by Kamal shows in his acting. simply superb!!
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Posted By: raymond On:06/07/2008
this movie is definitely the best movie only for die hard kamal fans.but for many others it turned out to be a is not comparable to blockbuster like indian and mahanadhi which had a strong story this movie we do not find any story to talk about..personally, i would never watch this more than once.but anyway congrats to kamal for great acting.the above is my personal opinion and in no means to hurt others
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Posted By: mala On:06/07/2008
it is the best ever film in india.asin was so cute.
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Posted By: sree On:05/07/2008
now kamal is the world star
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Posted By: Behindwoods Com On:04/07/2008
Kuruvi: 3 Crores (in 8 weeks); Santhosh Subramaniam: 3 Crores (in 11 weeks); Dasavatharam: 5 Crores (in just 2 weeks)!!! Read Behindwoods for exact figures collected by top 10 films in Chennai, last week and cumulative from the release date...
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Posted By: ARUNKUMAR On:04/07/2008
It is the best movie ever made in indian history. it is a superb movie. techically it touches many heights. conitinuity in the story is very good compare to the recent movies. no unnecessory duets and comedy tracks and kuthu songs. these are appreciable. many newspapers criticised badly and give rating 2.5 only. I don't know what they expect. whether they know which is good movie and which is bad movie? is they expect kuthu song from the movie. and also criticised there is no story. what story they expect? or they tell which movie has the best story so far?
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