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Posted By: vijay On:25/06/2008
keeping apart the hype given to the move;....looking away from it the movie is really amazing....THis movie is unfortunately made in tamil instead of hollywod...then people would have appreciated.....dont see the miniascule one should discourage this hardwork since this might be the good opening for making the indian movies a new standard. speaking about the flaws of movie ya its there...with one or two roles...still the movie is wonderful
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Posted By: Srividya Kumar On:25/06/2008
Can someone explain what's the connection Kamal is trying to make between the 12th century story with the modern 'NaCl research mishap' story?
I tried hard to find why he took to the 12th century to explain it but in vain.
Besides, Kamal's acting is as usual Superb - especially the Naidu role is awesome.
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Posted By: harish On:25/06/2008
unbelievable, excellent, mindblowing.Actualy i am running short of words.This movie is a lesson for all the actors in the field.
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Posted By: Vishnu On:24/06/2008
For those people who think themselves as "intellectual reviewers" by saying there is no story in this movie first know what is "chaos theory"..and if you are intelligent enough to corellate that with the movie only then you know the beauty of this one can explain chaos theory as simple as this movie did.That too this kind of experimentation in Tamil movie,Hats off.Its sad that the Person who had written the review in SIFY also cant understand what this movie is about,"truely a unprofessional review by sify ".This movie is a benchmark in the indian film industry in terms of story telling and Screen Play.Superb.
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Posted By: AP On:24/06/2008
In kerala the number of audiences have siashed by more than 50%.wonder how it increased to such an extent in Mumbai theatres.We should realize that a film is not just meant 4 the fans.Was there any need of more than 5 AVATARS.
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Posted By: kama On:24/06/2008
Excellent HUGE HIT
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Posted By: SRR On:24/06/2008
While the great effort of Kamal is highly appreciable, it seriously raises the question what is the need for such makeups? Most of the makeups are like fancy dress competion and do not gel with the story. If the story was done bit differently without the unwanted chasing, irrelevant characters, etc it would have been a smash hit movie. Let us not just hype the movie just for Kamal. If one reads the many neutral reviews, they highlight the kamal performance at the same time raise the concerns on the TEN avatars (Vikatan has given a score of 43 however it mentions the unwanted characters).
The movie has created so much of expectations due to the hype surrounding the movie. It is worth watching only the trailers rather than the whole movie...It will not attract repeat audience, except for the die-hard kamal fans...Given the Dasavatharam experience, I really doubt if 'Maruthanayagam' yet another hype??? Kamal should learn the art of story telling and screen play and then make a bold move
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Posted By: suresh kumar On:23/06/2008
Oh my god!!!

Nobody in whole filmdom can match or even be compared with Dr KAMAL HASAN. we in our own life cannot protray or act ourselves ,acting in ten different roles my god!!! really a blessed man.
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Posted By: shan On:23/06/2008
Dasavatharam is a very gud attempt and such huge attempts have been made only by few actors, directors and producers. What more from the ever serving hands of Kamal to the Tamil Film Industry and the Indian Film industry as a whole. The storyline though being predictable towards the end but it was well tailored. When I watched it that was the least that i was worrying. The sad part is that along the way, i suspect there were some major alteration was made to the script to satisfy all A,B and C audiences. This is where the film had lost its creditability from being entertaining for all group. It should have sticked with either simplkified version or being fully tailored for only a specific group. the editing was oik, but the lighting for the effects was cheesy leading to an apparent 'plastic' type images on Kamal's make-up. A gud and huge attempt which should have been carefully made. but, way to go Kamal for Marmayogi!
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Posted By: anonymous On:23/06/2008
oh god! an oscar for this crappy movie!! what's wrong with u people!?
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