Michael Madana Kamaraju

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 19 April 2008

Movie Title

Michael Madana Kamaraju


Nidhi Prasad

Star Cast

Srikanth, Prabhudeva, Sunil, Charmi, Mayuru, Surya, Kadambarai

The audiences in South are very much familiar with Kamal Hassan's four-roles in his yesteryears blockbuster Michael Madana Kamaraju. The comedy simply blasted the theatres. With the same title, director Nidhi Prasad has tried to give a non-stop hilarious entertainer, projecting three characters (not by single actor), but three different ones. The entire story revolves round one heroine, played by Charmi. This can be termed as a comedy of errors.

Madan (Srikanth) is a popular fashion designer in Hyderabad. One day, he goes to Goa along with his friend-cum-nephew Kamaraju (Sunil). The purpose is to attend a fashion show as a judge. Archana (Charmi) is adjudged as the best fashion designer by all the judges. She gets attracted towards Madan, who back to Hyderabad and appoints Archana as creative head in his company.

At one point, Madan tells Archana that he doesn't believe in love. Simultaneously, Kamaraju brings a model Mandira (Asha Saini) from Goa to Hyderabad, falling to her bewitched glamour. Kamaraju thinks that if the love-line between Madan and Archana is cleared, it would naturally clear the line for him with Mandira.

Now, Mandan too is lured towards Archana, but he hides his emotions in the backdrop of his previous statement that he doesn't believe in love. When Archana is away at Vizag to attend a marriage function, Kamaraju creates a false wedding card, trying to couple Archana with one Ravi.

The photo which Kamaraju uses as Ravi in the wedding card belongs to one Michael (Prabhudeva). Believing this, Madan approaches Michael with request to leave Archana, so that he can marry her. Now, Michael, who doesn't know anything about Archana, thinks that the ball is in his court. He makes sketch not only to marry Archana, but also to get her entire money. What happened later forms the rest of the story.

Srikanth appears as Madan with his hair dyed in red. Though the entire film is a comedy, he played the role which doesn't have any comedy. Prabhudeva's role is a highlight and his dances are a plus point. In fact, he brought life to the second half of the film. Sunil is simply superb in his role as Kamaraju, who is given to confusion very often. Charmi plays a very glamorous role as Archana. Different modern costumes enhanced the beauty of her screen presence. Kota Srinvasa Rao and Brahmanandam enliven the mood in the theatres with their big comedy. After a long time, they have good roles with lengthy footage. Kovai Sarala, who did the mother to Prabhudeva, did hilarious scenes with Mallikarjun Rao (as her lover). All other characters performed well.

There is originality and strength in the story, narration and direction. A big cheer to Nidhi Prasad. But, the movie's length is a bit too much full with three hours. This will sure work against the movie's prospects. While the entire first half is devoted to the introduction of characters, it is only in the second half where you find a place for the story to unfold. There is a lot of confusion in the second half, with a very weak intermission twist. It would have been better had the length is trimmed by at least fifteen minutes in the second half. The way in which he utilized the comedians for harvesting the laughter deserves praise. The comedy takes on a vulgar turn with some dual meaning-dialogues and some explosively exposing scenes, which come as a drawback if it were to be watched with family members. Songs and music by Chakri are above average, but placement of a couple of songs is not situational. Cinematography is good.