Mizhi Randilum


Wednesday 10 September 2003

Movie Title

Mizhi Randilum



Star Cast

Indrajeet, Kavya Madhavan, Jagathy

By Moviebuzz

After Nandanam Ranjit is bang on target again in his Onam release Mizhi Randilum. Throw in identical twins sisters, one beautiful, demure and soft-spoken and the other aggressive, a decaying Nair ?tharavadu? and a special appearance of Dileep, the current flavour- Voila! Ranjit has the right mix to serve it as a candyfloss tearjerker.

Bhadra (Kavya Madhavan) is a nurse in a primary health centre in a small village. She has a large family to look after including her mother (Sukumari), her twin sister Bhama who is a medical student, her irresponsible brother Achuthan Kutty (Jagathy Sreekumar), her uncle and his mentally ill wife and a sick grandmother. Achuthan Kutty, a petty politician not only brings misfortunes to the family, but is also a constant embarrassment for his family members. Dr Arun (Indrajeet) who works in the same hospital with Bhadra has a soft corner for her and he comes to her house with his parents with the proposal. But Achuthan Kutty humiliates them as Arun?s parents had an inter-caste marriage.

Though Arun is willing to give Bhadra a life she does not go with him as her responsibilities stands on the way. He leaves the village promising to wait for her till she changes her mind.

Bhama (Kavya Madhavan) comes back after her studies and unlike Bhadra she is outspoken and smart. Achuthan Kutty gets into trouble in one of his many deals and Krishna Kumar (Dileep), a rich moneylender is after him. Krishnan is a ruthless businessman but takes an instant liking for Bhadra. He proposes for Bhadra but the family mistakes it for Bhama. But in a twist in the climax Arun comes back creating confusion and more drama.

On the acting front Ranjit extracts excellent performance from all the actors. It is an author-backed role for Kavya who is outstanding in her first dual role. She is likable as Bhadra as she conveys all her emotions through her large expressive eyes. Inderjeet as Dr Arun has graduated from villain roles but his character has been overshadowed after Dileep appears on screen. Dileep as Krishna Kumar is the surprise packet and his screen presence is amazing. All the supporting cast like the mentally ill aunt, Jagathy, Sukumari, Revathy and Kalpana are impressive. The songs tuned by Raveendran are melodious and soothing. On the whole it is a feel good entertainer recommended for people who care for a bit of realism.

Verdict: Feel Good Film