Mohanlal’s letter to God, is a hit!

Last Updated: Fri, Feb 28, 2014 05:05 hrs

Superstar Mohanlal recently wrote a letter to God and posted it on his blog.

“I didn’t want to waste your valuable time and give trouble to the postman until now,” the letter begins.

“Now I have something to bring to your attention. I have been undergoing an Ayurvedic treatment for the past one-month at Palakkad. It is in a sleepy village where I am enjoying the bliss of being alone! After so many years, I heard the morning song from a nearby temple, the prayers from a mosque and the beats of drums.”

He continues: “I have lived during those times when mango and jackfruit were considered favourites as curries and also later, when fast food became a craze. That is why I can realize the value of those good old days. But my kids have been living in a modern world and they will never know about how beautiful their land is! The world around has become so mechanical. It is said that the Lord created the earth and the human beings and let them live their lives on their own. But now I need a reply about the status of the world where we live now.”

Mohanlal has written several insightful letters in the past about the happenings around us and also about the society where we live.


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