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Moondru Per Moondru Kadhal

Arjun, Cheran, Vimal, Muktha Bhanu, Surveen Chawla, Lasini
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Bharath Kumar, Mahendhiran, Maha Ajay Prasath
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Vasanth known for his unique romantic movies is back with Moondru Per Moondru Kadhal (MPMK). Once again the director has made a film on the romantic life of three couples and how it intervenes.

MPMK is technically chic and Vasanth has made an interesting film which has its shares of romantic break-up`s and heart breaks, before they merge in the last scene. The film has three couples: Vemal-Lasini, Cheran-Bhanu and Arjun-Surveen Chawla.

Vasanth has also set the film in three different milieus and landscapes - a hill station, a seaside village and a big city. The three landscapes denote the mindscape of the principal characters. The film is all about how love strikes and develops on different people in various ways and finally cruel fate intervenes. The message is that love is a beautiful feeling and how it triumphs over all other human emotions.

The film is narrated by Varun (Vemal) a rich chartered accountant living in a picturesque hill station and his basically one-sided love for Anjana (Lasini), who is just coming out of a break up. Finally when she agrees Varun changes his mind hearing the sad story of Guna (Cheran) and Malika (Bhanu), the other couple residing in a coastal village in south Tamil Nadu.

The third couple is Harris (Arjun) a swimming coach whose student Divya (Surveen Chawla) has a major crush on him.

Among the lot the most interesting is the Cheran-Bhanu episode which looks real and has been sensitively portrayed. The Arjun- Surveen story too is interesting but the Vemal-Lasini story is stretched. Vasanth keeps to his style of not having any separate comedy track, as humour is there in the narration itself.

Arjun shines in the role of a dedicated swimming coach, and has changed his body language to fit the role successfully. Cheran steals the show as a foreign returned NGO, and his soft on screen image has worked to his advantage. In the female lead Bhanu is very impressive and has the meatiest role among the females. Vasnth`s son Ritvik proves that he is a good dancer in the “Stop the Pattu” song appearance.

Yuvan Shankar Raja`s music and background score is terrific with right mixture of melodies and fast numbers with `Aaha Kathal` and `Mazhai Mazhai` being the pick of the lot. The camera of Bajan K Dinesh is eye-catching, especially the Otty and sea shore locations.

Love is the theme of the film which unites the three couples. The main characters in the film do not meet but in the end all the three love stories come together thematically.

On the downside MPMK moves at a leisurely pace as the director takes his own time as each love story takes time to unfold and is explained in detail with songs coming in at frequent intervals. Well that`s Vasanth style of storytelling.



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