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Mosayile Kuthirameenukal

Mosayile Kuthirameenukal
Ajith Pillai
Asif Ali, Sunny Wayne, Swathi Reddy, Janani Iyer
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Debutant director Ajith Pillai’s Mosayile Kuthirameenukal talks about the eventful lives of two men, who are out in open, after a jailbreak.

For all those who have wondered what the film’s title means, ‘Mosa’ in Lakshadweep lingo means high waves and ‘kuthirameen’ is swordfish, which is known for its selfish nature.

The storyline goes like this. Alex (Asif Ali) is the 14th son in a wealthy household in Kottayam. But he doesn’t know what to do in life, after he is left with a hefty fortune. He then starts enjoying life to the fullest and quite predictably land up in big trouble and eventually, in jail.

From day one, all he wants is to get out of the jail and he is in for more trouble as he meets Akbar (Sunny Wayne), who hails from Lakshadweep. We won’t reveal more, as it will end up as spoilers.

Deliciously shot by Amen fame Abhinandan Ramanujam, this film is a visual spectacle. Ajith Pillai, who has also scripted the film, manages to package a decent entertainer. The film has its moments, though one gets the feeling that the script is far from perfect and could have been more gripping or even disciplined, if it was made by an experienced director. Prashanth Pillai’s music and the background score are brilliant.

It is Asif Ali’s narration that takes the story ahead and evidently, with his limited histrionic skills, the actor comes up with an okay show at best. Sunny Wayne, meanwhile, shines as Akbar.

Among the female leads, Swati Reddy is good but Janani Iyer has nothing much to do.

Mosayile Kuthirameenukal may be far from perfect, but the passion of those involved in it is to be seen in this film. The picturesque Lakshadweep has been presented in a fantastic way, which could prompt you to pack your travel bag and head for the island at the earliest opportunity. This film is worth a watch!

Verdict: Watchable


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