Mr Garagasa

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Tuesday 15 April 2008

Movie Title

Mr Garagasa


Dinesh Baboo

Star Cast

Ananthnag, Komalkumar, TS Nagabharana, Aishwarya

The clever director cum cinematographer Dinesh Baboo has mixed up a French play 'Dinner Game' and Hindi film 'Beja Fry' and added nativity in 'Garagasa' with not much of notable elements. The whole film leaves an impression of watching a stage play. Concentration is given more for dialogues. The shoot done in nine days and ninety percent inside a house is a small budget film by Sai Productions.

The life of producer Parthasarathy is filled with anxious moments. His charming wife Madhavi (Aishwarya) has mistaken her husband. She leaves him at a time when he is sick. At this time Parathasarathy?s friend sends a story teller for his next film. That is Muniya. Muniya has very down to earth simplicity in life. He comes forward to help Parthasarathy in recovering from his back ache. In order to do so, he calls for a doctor but the telephone number goes to a wrong person. Now a series of women come and knock the door while Parathasarathy is in bed.

Muniya opens the door. When a close relative comes to the house first, Muniya sends her inside the bedroom of Parthasarathy. Next in the queue is daughter of Parthasarathy who goes back on hearing that his father is with a stranger in the bedroom. When Parthasarathy?s wife comes she is sent out. When Mandakini the actress whom Muniya had telephoned mistakenly comes there is some more charged up situation. For Parthasarathy it is difficult to convince his wife Madhavi now. In convincing his wife he gives up his old enmity with director Sharath and he comes to the house to solve the situation. But the one who solves the confusion eroded is Muniya from his humble admission. Finally we come to know the reason behind the good work done by Muniya.

Komalkumar from regular comedy roles is different in the role of a chatterbox. The body language for which he is famous is missing. Versatile actor Ananthnag also gets major share of honor for his performance. Lakshmi Hegde looks very fine on the screen. Veteran actress Lakshmi's daughter Aishwarya is also wife to versatile Ananthnag on screen is a surprise choice. Ananthnag and Lakshmi was the memorable pair in the past in Kannada cinema. Nagabharana is apt in his short role.

There is one melodious song from Manikanth Kadri son of Saxophone exponent Kadri Gopalanath. Cinematography by director Dinesh Baboo is just ok. Verdict - Average

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