Mum's love comes with a price tag of 31.5k pounds a year

Last Updated: Sat, Mar 09, 2013 07:20 hrs

If mothers were paid for the work they do looking after their children and home they would be earning 31,500 pounds a year, a study has revealed.

That is the conclusion of researchers who found that the average mum spends 71 hours a week ensuring that school uniforms are clean, the fridge is well stocked and the house tidy, the Daily Express reported.

Fathers, on the other hand, contribute only 53.5 hours doing chores around the home, which would put them on 24,000 pounds if they were paid for their efforts - just under the average wage of 26,200 pounds.

The Value of a Parent report by insurers Legal and General also found that the cost of bringing up a child until they reach 18 is 154,440 pounds - an average of about 8,850 pounds a year.

When asked how secure families felt about their finances, 73 percent said that they felt they were in control and 71 percent said their top financial priority was to ensure their children were looked after if they died or were unable to work due to illness. (ANI)

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