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Muran is an engaging thriller

Rajan Madhav
Cheran, Prasanna, Nikhita, Haripriya
Saajan Madhav
UTV Motion Pictures
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UTV’s Muran is undoubtedly one of the finest thriller to emerge out of Kollywood in recent times.

Debutant director Rajan Madhav has come out with an edge of the seat racy thriller with some melodious music and gritty performances that keep the mercury rising.

Nanda (Cheran) is a soft spoken musician married to Indu (Nikhita). Their marriage is on the rocks as there is no compatibility between them. Nanda bumps into Arjun (Prasanna) a spoiled brat and a rich tycoon who always finds a “thrill in living dangerously” in Bangalore.

Nanda is forced to get a lift back to Chennai in Arjun’s swanky SUV and they bond during the journey. They are as cheese and chalk in their outlook towards life, as they realize during their exciting road trip. The scene in which they try to steal mangoes from an orchard is a rocker. What make the film work big time are the breathless pace and the final twist in the climax.

The story narration teasingly sucks you into a thrilling vortex of crime and punishment without losing out on logic and pace. The idea is novel to this genre in Tamil cinema; two strangers who meet accidentally agree to kill someone the other person wants to bump off! But at times even the most carefully laid out plans go awry.

The two male lead player’s riveting performance makes for compelling viewing. Prasanna rocks as Arjun, the man with ice in his veins (His body language and costumes are perfect) . He has come out with a stunning performance as the mean, diabolic, creepy and psychopathic villain.

Cheran is perfect foil as the soft, suave musician with guilt pangs. Their role and on screen interaction is what makes the film crackle. The supporting cast like Nikhita, Haripriya and Jayaprakash fit in with the characters they portray.

On the downside, two songs could have been avoided and did the same person dub for all the female characters? The film has melodious numbers tuned by Sajjan Madhav which have been shot music video style by cameraman Padmesh. Ithu Varai... is the pick of the album and the background score is impressive. The actual locations have also enhanced the story telling and suspense element.

The film is an ode to Alfred Hitchcock's ‘Strangers on a Train’ as the director has come out with a stylish thriller that attempts to break moulds.

Watch Muran , a slickly made thriller that respects your intelligence.

Verdict- Very Good


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